ACHD Spends Tax Dollars On Lobbyist

Those pesky people at the IDAHO REPORTER have revealed yet another case of public tax money being spent by one government to lobby another government–this time it’s $68,000 of Ada County Highway District cash going to a lobbying firm.

This disturbing trend reenforces the notion that citizens have little voice in their government. Even government officials rely on hired guns to get their views know at the next level of government.

We briefly discussed the issue recently at the GUARDIAN.

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  1. Ada County Highway District registered lobbyists
    Deckard, Jerry
    Hauge, Zach
    Price, Steven B
    Seiber, Roger

    for comparison the County of Ada, Ada County has only one lobbyist and it is a regular employee.

  2. Interesting that ACHD did have their employees both working as lobbyist back in 2004.

    This article seems almost like a reprint from the 2009 article at the IFF which is the owner of Idaho Reporter.

    I compare this lobbyist problem just like Boise paying PR firms to convince voters what is best for them. Why not just use the people you already have on the payroll?

    While we are on Government wasting monies, how about Luna spending $115,000 getting his Tech program finalized. Would not this have been better to do before the bill passed this last spring?

  3. So it seems that nobody really cares that this happens. Who are the “police” that can take action on this? If there is no one to impose a penalty then this will never stop.

  4. All this tells me governement is just too big and a 10% cut across the board for all government is not unreasonable.

    This is taking on the appearance of a giant amoeba. When you push in on one side it just expands on the other side. You can’t hurt it.

    We have all had to adjust to lower incomes and higher costs for just about everything. Govt. never seems to hit a speed bump and just keeps getting larger and more intrusive.

    Nampa now has a license requirement for gold buyers. Not pawn brokers but people who host gold buying parties now have to have a license. Where does it stop?

  5. sam the sham
    Jun 17, 2011, 1:15 am

    is this legal?

  6. Sham Zombie Fish
    Jun 17, 2011, 4:16 pm

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  7. The waste just piles up like manure. What we need is a comprehensive detailed summary of every dime spent by this county. This should be demanded. The fact that all government agencies don’t already release their spending is telling in itself. We deserve to know the facts.

    EDITOR NOTE–They do release their spending. That’s why we are so indignant. Boise City Council has a budget planning session for the public next Tuesday.

  8. In this Sunday’s Oregonian print edition, I was surprised to see a classified ad listing an opening for web designer at ACHD. Seems insane to pay to post an ad in an out-of-state newspaper for such a low level position ($23.00/hr max). They must be awash in cash.

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