Cleaning Record Case Takes On “Life Threatening” Aspect

Boise City attorneys have ramped up the fear factor in the ongoing CLEANING CONTRACT CAPER.

After the City rescinded a $368,000 signed contract with Clearview Cleaning the night before the local firm was to begin work, owner Sylvia Hampel filed a public records request to find out why she lost the contract. The city refused to release the records which they admit are public records, but claim they are exempt from release.

Now, in the latest court filing, Boise City asserts release of the records could “Endanger the life or physical safety of law enforcement personnel” as well as interfere with a police investigation, disclose investigative techniques, and reveal undercover sources.

Judge Thomas Neville holds the records in question and will have to decide which–if any–of the records will be made public.

Meanwhile the City entered into a one year contract with a New York-based firm for cleaning services at city facilities. ABM was a previous contractor and lost the bid to Clearview earlier this year.

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  1. “Meanwhile the City entered into a one year contract with a New York-based firm for cleaning services at city facilities”

    and how often does the city encourage local business development, the city does well at telling others what they should be doing but the city can not live by their own advice.

    EDITOR NOTE–Don’t forget the NY firm has a, “Significant local (Idaho) presence.”

  2. Maybe somebody should be looking into the other contracts that Boise has with ABM Industries. One subsidiary is AMPCO Parking that runs the airport parking garages.

  3. Headlines: ” Cop drinks mop water in suicide attempt over public building janitorial contract snafu”

  4. Really??? This will no doubt turn up as a Satruday Night Live skit….”janitor holds lives in his hands in Boise Idaho”. Give me a break.

  5. WOW, no idea the Boise cleaning contract was so important to national security!!!

  6. idahocrystal
    Jun 22, 2011, 10:31 am

    There are about 14 expressions I wanted to write about this, but all of them pretty much convey incredulous disbelief and a small measure of disgust…

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