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Mayor Hotline June 11 to 17

Alan Young
ISSUE: He spent an hour and a half in a traffic jam because of the Ironman competition. He is dissatisfied with the route plan.
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Jack Hourcade
S White Fir Place
Boise, ID
ISSUE: He was badly inconvenienced by the traffic closures during the Ironman event. He feels that an alternative route should be identified for next year. He is a big fan of the Mayor.

Jessica Barber
W Yale Court
Boise, ID 83706
ISSUE: She has been unable to get to the airport, her house, work, and other important services during the Ironman event. She feels the city shouldn’t have issued a permit. Mayor

Diane Ayres
ISSUE: General parking at Cassia Park is closed off for vendor booths during an event. People have parked on both sides of the narrow street, and she’s afraid of an accident. An event of this size should be held in a park with more parking.
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Dick Henning
Boise, ID 83706
ISSUE: Ironman event should be moved out of the city. It has been a great inconvenience every year. He thinks he should be able to vote on whether or not the route goes through his neighborhood.

Janice Berquist
ISSUE: No one is caring for the lawn of the house next door. She thinks it’s unsightly and a fire hazard.

Jerry & Sharon Smith
W Canary Court
Boise, ID 83714
ISSUE: She and her husband have lived in the Treasure Valley for 50 years. She thinks it’s time to back off telling the world what a great place Boise is, because traffic and prices have gotten worse, and outsiders are taking jobs meant for Boiseans.

Anne Toothaker
ISSUE: The charge for curbside glass recycling is too high. She will continue to take her glass to the free recycling area.

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  1. There does seem to be a certain ‘let them eat cake’ attitude from the city about these nice PC events. That they might seriously inconvenience a lot of folk is blithely ignored.

    It is a lot like the electric companies happy decision to cut down other folks trees instead of burying the lines, as a responsible utility would.

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