Megaload Group Curtails Use Of Idaho Official Seal

The Western Legacy Alliance–the “megaload” truckers along U.S. Highway 12–agreed Tuesday to discontinue use of the official Idaho State Seal in advertisements.

Headline of newspaper ad using Idaho Official Seal

The GUARDIAN received an inquiry and it turns out the Idaho Secretary of State, the custodian of the seal, was also notified of the appearance of a stateendorsement to the ad which touted the benefits of trucking the scenic road.

Deputy Secretary of State Miren E. Artiach explained how the issue was resolved:

“There is no statute that governs the proper use of the Idaho State Seal; however, since this office is the custodian, we have formulated guidelines that cover proper usage of the Seal.  Firstly, the Seal must be used in good taste and not in a derogatory manner.  Secondly, it must be displayed without alteration.  Thirdly, the Seal must not be used to mistakenly convey State of Idaho approval, sponsorship or affiliation.
On June 14 this office received an e-mail from an individual who was questioning a newspaper ad that he had seen in the June 14 edition of the Idaho Statesman in an advertisement paid for by the Western Legacy Alliance.  I responded to that individual’s concern on June 14 and provided information regarding the Secretary of State’s guidelines.  Secondly, I went the Western Legacy Alliance’s website and the corporate records of the Secretary of State to determine an agent for the alliance.  On June 15 through the website I advised Western Legacy Alliance of the constituent complaint and our proposed guidelines. 

Yesterday, I had a contact from a local PR firm indicating that they had been asked to contact our office regarding the e-mail to the Western Legacy Alliance.  I have been informed that I will be receiving a written statement from Western Legacy indicating that they will immediately cease using the Seal in their advertising.”

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  1. Too bad the Payette nuclear power builders didn’t hook up with that idea first.

    Guardian, hope to see the “guidelines” published here first, but it looks like threat to me and will never happen.

  2. Not to put too fine a point on the situation, but what part of “State of Idaho approval, sponsorship or affiliation” have the megaload truckers NOT received?!

    Seems like the use of the seal is appropriate.

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