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“Table Rock Park” Needs To Be Reality

The GUARDIAN has publicly pushed to make Table Rock a public park for years, but there seems to be a lot of “pushback” from “stakeholders.” Today a survey has deemed it the best spot in the valley to watch a sunset.

Ironically, the place voted as the best spot to WATCH A SUNSET in today’s Statesman reader poll is off limits after sunset, subjecting visitors to a $40 fee to get their car released if they savor the afterglow.

To its credit, the Idaho Historical Society which is the state agency controlling the public portion of the landmark, has recently made some access improvements to the area, including increasing the days you can take your out of town guests topside for the most spectacular view of the city to be found.

Opponents to a park have historically included Boise City Council and police who cite use of the area by drunken partiers, residents who don’t want traffic on “their street,” and the communications tower owners who rent space on the state-owned land.

The GUARDIAN proposes an asphalt access path here.

Recently, a gravel parking area was constructed and new gates were erected which prohibit auto access to the viewpoint near the cross (owned by the Jaycees). It is about a 150 yard hike up an incline to get to where you can look down on the city. Those not dressed to hike or who have trouble walking on rough ground are pretty much shut out.

We will propose to the Idaho Historical Society that a paved strip of asphalt be contructed–à la Greenbelt– behind the new gates from the parking lot to the viewpoint, allowing the additional access. It would be nice to have portable–or permanent–restrooms and either an iron railing or rock wall around the edge to increase security as well. For the present, let’s see if we can get the asphalt strip before summer is over.

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  1. The city council and police are just following the wishes of the NIMBY’s that don’t want the traffic going by their “precious” McMansions!!

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Jun 24, 2011, 10:20 pm

    Yikes, Cyclops wrote something I agree with.

  3. Grumpy ole guy
    Jun 25, 2011, 2:59 pm

    OK, I’ll get in the Cyclops, Rod parade too.

    Just what part of “public” do public officials not understand?

  4. I know Rod, it is truly scary. What is even worse is that you would be amazed just how many issues we agree on!!!!!

  5. When I was up there the other day I really don’t understand the 2nd gate. The first gate is locked at 9:00 pm so no one can drive up to the top any way.

    If you drive up before 9:00 PM you have to walk from the new 2nd gate. I saw a couple in a wheel from out of town last week trying to go to the bench and was having a heck of a time getting there.

    I think the only reason they keep the road open at all is because Borbonus is hauling rock out of the pit. I think when he quits the road will be totally closed to cars… and next will be bikes and hikers.

  6. Oh and don’t forget one of our ex city council members and Temp mayors lives on the road up to Table Rock… could she still have some influence on getting it closed?

  7. Jerry Jones
    Jun 27, 2011, 9:38 am

    While Dave Frazier’s opinions often clash with my own, his Table Rock idea seems like a worthy and reasonable proposal.

    I agree that Table Rock *should* be a public park with nice restrooms and some sort of safety (rock or metal railing) provision.

    If our community were to do it right, it would be an amenity that would make us proud.

    Right now, there are odor and sanitation issues there that should be addressed.

    Seems like a wasted opportunity.

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