Sandy Point Water OK, No Pollution Source Named

By “flushing” the Sandy Point swimming area with more water flow from the depths of Luck Peak Reservoir, Idaho Parks officials have lowered the E.coli bacteria count to safe levels.

In a press release from Parks they claim it is safe to swim at the popular spot, but warn swimmers to wash up after being in the water.

“We will continue to monitor the water quality as we always do,” Lucky Peak State Park Manager, Gary Shelley said in a press release. “The regular testing helps ensure a safe place to swim for our visitors and it’s something we do every year, throughout the heavy-use season.”

The GUARDIAN checked with Idaho’s Department of Environmental Quality and they told us no source for the earlier pollution has been identified. While we are glad the water is safe once again, we are concerned that no source of the contamination was identified.

It has to be either faulty septic tanks at the Corps of Engineer offices, public restrooms, or goose poop. It is now diluted, thanks to increased flow of water through the area.

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  1. They have to know or should find out so it can be fixed. With Microbial Source Tracking is possible to tell the difference between human and animals and even different animals including geese. These test may be expensive but cheaper than someone’s death.

    A U of Idaho Professor’s paper on the subject http://goo.gl/uWMIk

    A study from the U of Min. http://goo.gl/ZoZqC

    Commercial labs are even available. http://goo.gl/Yv2Mg

    EDITOR NOTE–Good job Clancy! My sentiments as well. Many thanks for the research assist.

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