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No Werk In Progress For City Races

State Sen. Elliot Werk has decided against a race at the city level in Boise.

“I will not be running for a seat on the Boise City Council,” Werk said in an email to the Statesman’s Dan Popkey. “I appreciate the appeals and the support that I received as I evaluated my decision. However, I’d like to focus on my job in the Senate, on getting more progressives elected to the legislature, and on working to strengthen ethics in Idaho state government, craft good energy policy, and restore public education.

“I would not rule out a run for city office in the future. But for right now the best decision for myself and my family is to focus on my work in the Senate.”

He was responding to speculation in an earlier GUARDIAN story published this week. Click on CONTINUE READING for the earlier post

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  1. Eye on Numbers
    Jul 30, 2011, 10:04 am

    More progressives in the legislature, restore education? I agree we have far too many repubs at all levels of government in Idaho. Mr. Werk needs to understand he and his fellow progressives need money to do his projects. We have to get an economy humming along or raise taxes to do this. Raising taxes in Idaho is never going to fly with taxpayers

    I would like to see how Mr. Luna’s changes work in practice before screaming like a mashed cat about school funding. Internet is used all the time by people seeking information on how to do home repair projects, gain computer literacy on how to do spreadsheets, research on any number of areas of interest.

    The internet has opened up a portal to information to everyone with interest and curiosity about the world around all of us. Education in the traditional sense with brick and mortar and a teacher/facilitator in the room is not always necessary to educate people.

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Jul 30, 2011, 11:26 am

    It shouldn’t take any money to “strengthen ethics in Idaho state government, craft good energy policy”. Restoring our education system after the recent damage done by the extremist state legislators will take money and the people who got us into this mess should pay more to keep our somewhat civilized society functioning.

  3. Perhaps people who want more money for education haven’t been paying attention. They just got a big load of cash in the last couple of weeks and it went for pay raises and furlough days restored to teachers.

    People without jobs are barely keeping themselves in their homes and apartments. Should we all pay more taxes or should schools make do with what they have been given and feel lucky to have what they got.

    It appears to me we are headed into a double dip recession based on the PEW Research numbers on economic growth at 1.3%.

    I can only wonder where Rod would get the money for his “civilized society” funding.

  4. Rod in SE Boise
    Jul 31, 2011, 11:54 am

    Try this link. It explains taxation better than I can. Bottom line: The rich need to pay more. A quote from this article: “Nurses, teachers and firemen actually pay a higher tax rate than some billionaires.”

  5. Rod, I agree with you if your premise is we are experiencing class warfare and the middle class is the target. Giving the rich tax breaks has not improved our economy nor has it created any jobs.

    The Bush tax cuts for the wealthy did nothing for the workers and middle class in this country. GW’s management of the economy, tax cuts for the rich, starting two wars that most people can’t explain why we are there, are just a few examples of the borrow and spend MO of the Bush years.

    Obama is not faring any better with his tax and spend management of the economy. We need jobs and payrolls to get us out of this mess. Wall Street is doing just fine but Main Street still needs help.

    I have seen my defined retirement drop into serious under funding to meet future obligations, my home value cut to less than half its value, my 401K still not in the black from all the goofy loans made by the big banks, property taxes still high and local government spending way out of control of taxpayers.

    The Mayors and City Councils in this Valley just don’t get it and I can’t wait to vote them out of office if enough people feel the same way and take the time to vote.

  6. Oh my Rod we can’t tax the rich there fair share! Why would we do such a silly thing?

  7. We can’t tax the rich because the Republicans say it is a tax on the American people.

    Will some job creators (super rich)
    please stand up?

  8. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 1, 2011, 4:48 pm

    Paul, read your July 30 post and then your Aug 1 post. Don’t they contradict each other?

    Obama has done nothing but cut taxes since he was elected. He even agreed to extend the Bush tax cuts. We are in debt because of two Bush wars for which no taxes were collected and Obama continues those wars, also putting them on our credit card.

  9. I will make you a deal Rod. You and I will go lobby the legislature to increase the taxes of the “rich”, as long as we agree that the over 50% of the population that pay NO taxes, come up with 3-4 grand a year at the same time!! Deal??

  10. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 2, 2011, 11:21 am

    You mean the 50% of big corporations that pay no taxes because of loopholes? Or the 50% of billionaires who avoid taxes because they can afford accountants to find loopholes or keep their money offshore? Or do you mean to say that 50% of Americans are poor and pay no taxes, because of the earned income tax credit?

    I guess I should have just asked “who” and asked you to prove it.

  11. C’mon Rod1 You know which 50% I was referring to. No question the big corporations and “billionaires” need to pay more, but do you really want to give over 1/2 of the population a free ride???

  12. Rod in SE Boise
    Aug 3, 2011, 12:07 pm

    No, I don’t know who you are calling out.

  13. I’m not sure who Cyclops think is getting a free ride when there at the bottom of the pay scale. I’m confused.

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