Leave Town To Attract Boise Tourism, Business

Treasure Valley Politicos just “DON’T GET IT.” They want to attract people to the Treasure Valley for tourism and economic development, but they choose to do their backroom deals clear up at TAMARACK in Valley County of all places.

It makes no sense to the GUARDIAN for all the citizens of the various units of government in this area to be forced to pay travel expenses so their respective mayors and officials can spend a couple days September 15 and 16 adding to the economy of LONG VALLEY and the defunct Tamarack Resort.

Not only does the local area lose out on the potential revenues, we all have to pay for these elected officials to go to the bankrupt Tamarack resort instead of one of the Boise area’s top notch lodging establishments that pays its employees and taxes.

Would be interesting to hear from The Boise Convention and Visitor’s Bureau on this one.

Of course the nature of this planned “retreat” is to avoid public scrutiny and have a pleasant get together at taxpayer expense. The standard mantra is they are “away from their offices, phone calls, and other distractions to do their planning”…will city council budget sessions head for the hills next?

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  1. Eye on Numbers
    Aug 22, 2011, 9:31 pm

    Been reading about the reason Texas is supposed to be doing so well in this recession. Low pay for workers, no payroll taxes, and incentives for business to locate in Texas.

    Medtronic is reported to have looked at over 900 locations all over the US before they decided on Texas. Cheap labor, cheap housing, no payroll taxes along with other incentives.

    I hate seeing people used as underpaid lackeys but low wages and no payroll taxes may offset on another.

  2. Now we just need some tar, feathers and a rail or two, the day before they leave for Tamarack.
    Or maybe we should set up some checkpoints to make sure they don’t return to town.

  3. IdahoCrystal
    Aug 23, 2011, 11:15 am

    Which group/office/agency/board is planning this?

    If it saves money and allows the prima donnas to focus long enough to do their jobs, for $300, or 1/15 the cost of any traveling retreat, (whichever is greater.) I will take 2 days of personal leave from my own full time job to act as Receptionist/Sergeant WITH Arms, confiscate all participants cell phones, take messages on all hard lines and guard the doors of any meetings…
    = >

  4. Is there anyway we can lock the door so they cannot get back into Boise if they leave? Might be beneficial.

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