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Thoughts From The Road Summer 2011

The day job has the GUARDIAN editor on the road gathering photos for the LIBRARY. As always, we have thoughts to share. –Don’t panic when you hear a loud explosion within the car while negotiating the 8000 foot plus summit between Victor, Idaho and Jackson Hole…especially if it is followed by the aroma of fresh […]

Volunteer Report on GBAD Meeting

The GUARDIAN is working the day job while there is still summer sun. The following report comes from a reader who attended Tuesday’s GBAD meeting. It was posted as a comment, so bear in mind the lack of vetting. BY ERIC WEISS Today’s GBAD meeting was just like the others except for 3 simple events. […]

City To Ponder Law Before Taking Plunge

Kudos to Boise City mothers and fathers for taking time to study an ordinance banning various river jumping activities before passing it. The law would be a misdemeanor–like DUI and shoplifting. They rightfully note most of the criminals who would be charged with the violation are juveniles. Coppers don’t want to be burdened with arresting […]

City To Hike Power Franchise Fee?

The Idaho Freedom Foundation reports Boise has plans afoot to raise the franchise fee Idaho Power pays to do business in the city by 50%. The City claims the $800,000 increase in revenue will go toward “infrastructure improvements,” but like the conservative leaning IFF, we see it as nothing but a money grab that will […]

Jerome Seeks To Go Around Voters For Debt

Sure, it’s only $3.25 million and it’s in little old Jerome, Idaho and the companies provide JOBS, but all Idaho should pay attention. Seems that three dairy processing companies are responsible for a whopping 63% of the waste in the city sewer system which is about to get sanctions from the Feds for being too […]

I.F. Coppers Asked To Enforce Dress Code

IDAHO FALLS–Doldrums of summer lead to silly news stories and today Idaho Falls Coppers will take center stage in the world limelight after suggesting that a local resident refrain from wearing a bunny suit. FREE SPEECH!! On Tuesday residents of the eastern Idaho town complained of a man scaring the neighborhood kids by wearing a […]

World’s Largest Swan Decoy

With an overpopulation of Canada geese at Julia Davis Park, we were somewhat shocked Tuesday to see what appeared to be a gigantic Swan decoy paddling around the lagoon. The decoy was so big it held a man and two children. The geese were fooled, but we have yet to see any swans following them […]

Mayor Hotline July 23 to 29

7/25/11 Brian Hoelscher E Jefferson Street Boise, ID 83712 ISSUE: Feels that his personal information was improperly used by a former Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce employee. Mayor 7/25/11 Jennifer Owen ISSUE: Information on the sex offender website is not current. Ada County Commissioners

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