Attention Editors & Reporters: Give Us NEWS!

We admit up front it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and snipe, but the past few days of news has been lacking content. Editors, please don’t go on the defense and mention all you HAVE covered.
We’re just saying…

Please stop running all these stupid surveys! They are for the most part worthless and serve to do little in the way of “informing” us. These stories are like building “school spirit” and teens talking about the best iPod apps or the endless debate over Ford vs Chevy. There is no substance.

In the past few days we learn:
–Local school kids do better than some national counterparts in the SAT and ACT tests.
–Boise is one of the 20 weakest economies in the nation, according to a survey.
–Boise is a great place to live according to a magazine.
–Idaho Ranks high in civic involvement, says a survey.
–Ballet dancers and energy researchers have won grants–independent of each other.
–Idaho has slow internet access, according to a survey.
–National survey says Asia more important than Europe.
–Drug companies pay doctors to promote their products, survey says.

The sad thing about all this is what appears in the Daily Paper is picked up by the TV station. Another TV station provides content for the radio station which runs the recorded weather predictions not to be confused with the TV weather that runs in the Daily Paper.

Meanwhile all these news outlets have trimmed their staffs–except perhaps KTVB 7. The result is a public that floods the GUARDIAN with requests and ideas which this one man hobbyist is unable to chase.

With about 6 weeks until the city elections we haven’t heard scat from local candidates. No charges of malfeasance of office, no promises of “JOBS,” no scathing commentary about raising taxes. Only people who want to “give back to the community and serve the public.”

The GUARDIAN has offered free space to candidates and non are even organized enough to comment on anything short of an announcement of candidacy.

Come on, let’s have some fun! Just for starters try this LIST.

Also take a look at all the comments appearing about the commercial PROBATION BUSINESS.

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  1. “Drug companies pay doctors to promote their products, survey says.”
    And of course, they all say , Not me, jack.
    Meanwhile the daily paper article said that a lot of the money goes for research. What kind of research, pray tell? It can’t be scientific research because it’s not based on random sampling.

    The latest govt atrocity is that now medical offices require you to check boxes and sign a paper telling your race/ethnic group–plus the ethnic declaration slot is Latinos only!! What about my Ukrainian ancestors? Sheesh.

    Somebody in the US Dept of Health got a wild hair up, and decided they have to know more about how African-Americans, whites, and Latinos are served by the health system. There are better ways to find this out than forcing people to sign a racist declaration. Race is not a scientific category (except for fruit flies) and should be eliminated from all official blat, including the census.

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