Daily Paper Headline Open To Interpretation

Gotta admit, they got our attention over at the DAILY with this headline:


Does this mean Idaho babies are some of the fastest little suckers in the country?
Does it mean more Idaho women are prone to the natural method in lieu of bottles?
Does it mean someone gets top dollar for their breast milk?
The million dollar-plus “performance bonus” sounds interesting as well.

Results of yet another survey and we couldn’t resist noting the Idaho ranking…especially when MONEY MAGAZINE’s October issue has listed Boise as one of the “top 25 retirement cities” in the nation.

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  1. Probably just high unemployment and expensive formula. Idaho is at the top of those lists too.

    God built the system… it’s the best way to feed anyway so long as mom is eating/living healthy.

  2. The possible interpretations are much more fun than the story. Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. Nice post and comments.

    Love, Mom (KTA)

  4. We are all suckers for lists and the magazines know it. One year in the top 10 and next not even on the list?

    Treasure Valley is an ideal place to retire given all the things you can do locally but good paying jobs are not in the offerings for people who would like to locate here.

  5. Can we assume that The Statesman ran the above photo? I plan to attend lecture next month by Idaho State University professor on Mayan civilization. Should be interesting.

    EDITOR NOTE–Statesman did NOT run the photo which is from the GUARDIAN files.

  6. David Z. More information on the lecture? Please.

    EDITOR NOTE–He is a Minneapolis reader.

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