County Offers $5 Game Day Parking–No Booze or Tailgating

Beginning this Saturday, September 24th, Ada County will offer event parking at the Civic Plaza complex just east of the Ada County Courthouse during Boise State home football games. There will be a $5 fee charged per vehicle, and all proceeds will go to support the Family Advocacy Center & Education Services (FACES).

The Courthouse complex makes a prime location for football game parking given its proximity to the Boise State stadium and downtown area, as well as the large amount of available parking after business hours and on weekends. In addition, parking patrons can be assured their money is going to a worthy cause – to help families and victims of domestic violence through FACES.

Parking will be available at approximately 1:30 p.m. this Saturday and typically about 4 hours prior to the start of each home game this season. The entrance to the event parking garage will be from Avenue A, which crosses between Myrtle and Front Streets in front of the downtown Winco store. Patrons will follow Avenue A north (across Front Street), directly into the Civic Plaza parking garage entrance. Patrons should be aware that NO alcoholic beverages or tailgating will be allowed in the Courthouse complex. This parking service is managed by The Car Park in conjunction with Ada County Operations.

The GUARDIAN checked with Boise Parks and they have no special game day rules–parking is allowed in usual spaces and towing begins at midnight–overnight parking is not allowed no matter how wasted you may be.

For questions, please contact The Car Park at 336-6597, or the Ada County Operations Department at (208) 287-7100.

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  1. I am sure this is a great organization. However, I think that the County’s donation (in this case, use of County property) to benefit non-County entities is improper and likely illegal. For the same reason the County can’t donate tax money to United Way or furnish them with loaned executives.

    EDITOR NOTE–I believe the FACES is affiliated with the county via prosecutor, cops, assistance, etc.

  2. FACES is a worthwhile cause. However, there are on average 6 BSU home games a year. If the county is going to collect fees for parking in the publicly owned parking lot/garage, perhaps they could donate the money to other worthy organizations in Ada County. The would mean 6 recipients each season. Spread the love.

  3. I wonder who was paying the workers to collect the money and monitor traffic. Were county workers paid to spend the afternoon out there?? I would also like to see the money go for a different cause each game.

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