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Metal Dragging On Pavement Suspected Fire Cause

This Boise FD brush rig is dwarfed by flames as firefighters battled Wednesday's blaze.

Metal hanging off a truck dragging on the pavement off South Cole Road is the suspected cause of multiple wildfires which erupted early Wednesday afternoon, sparking a multiple alarm response from firefighters.

For the second time in two years Boise and BLM crews battled the wildfire in the same area to protect home under a contract with the Whitney Fire District. The initial response crews were able to contain most of the fire, but by the time it was over more than a dozen engines, a ladder truck, bulldozer, and assorted command vehicles were at the scene.

The GUARDIAN has been critical in the past about the risks created when expensive homes are constructed in areas subject to wildfire.

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  1. That route is a no truck zone area. How big of truck?

    EDITOR NOTE–Truck was described as a pick up.

  2. Had to notice on the news. The houses had wood shake roofs. Now how bright is this?

  3. Dave, I don’t think of you as an “action” photographer, but you sure have a knack for occasionally, or often, getting where the action is and snapping a choice photo. Nice work; amazing photo.

  4. boisetaxpayer
    Sep 29, 2011, 1:34 pm

    do you think he will get billed for extinguishing the fire, considering he was negligent?

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