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Mayor Hotline September 3 to 9

9/5/11 Sgt. First Class Glenn ISSUE: He would like Boise police to be aware that recently returned troops are respected soldiers and not to discriminate against them. (Called again on 9/9/11 with same message). BPD 9/3/11 Mieke Holloway Morris Hill Road Boise, ID 83706 ISSUE: Sidewalk on Orchard Road between Franklin and Overland is covered […]

Jobless Woes Persist, Government Can’t Fix

By DAVID R. FRAZIER, editor BOISE GUARDIAN We visited a “job fair” recently, but rather than an arena full of employers recruiting workers, we found countless private and public educational institutions vying to take the last nickel from the pockets of the unemployed through assorted training offers. There were several charitable organizations seeking volunteers, verterans […]

Coppers Cap Cornered Cougar

A three year old mountain line was shot and killed by police early Thursday morning after they declared it to be a threat to public safety. After repeated sightings of a four legged cougar prowling Boise residential neighborhoods, Boise coppers and an Ada Sheriff’s Deputy cornered the cat on the grounds of St. Alphonsus Regional […]

Mayor Hotline Aug 27 to Sept 2

8/27/11 Danielle Rawley ISSUE: Someone she cares about needs medicine for his heart but hasn’t received it. BPD 8/30/11 Erica A. Russell N Glencrest Way Boise, ID 83714 ISSUE: Concerned about discontinuation of on-site visits to Ada County Jail inmates. Suggests a recorded message with visitation times. Referred to Ada County Sherriff

Mayor Hotline Aug 20 to 26

8/20/11 Moira Elcox Crescent Rim Drive 83706 ISSUE: Events in Ann Morrison Park are too loud. Parks & Rec, Special Events 8/24/11 Mike Shirley Harrison Boulevard ISSUE: Homeless people congregating in nearby park and alley behind his house and his yard. Police 8/24/11 Roslyn Muller S Grey Eagle Way Boise, ID 83712 VP Falling Brook […]

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