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Ada Seeks Taxes On Church Rental Property

Anna Webb over at the Daily Paper had a good page one story Friday about Ada County seeking property taxes on the First Presbyterian Church space being used to generate rental income. The issue has apparently slipped by those who make the decisions about tax exemptions. The Statesman notes that “by law and tradition,” the […]

Private Probation Pressures Offenders

This disturbing comment was sent to the GUARDIAN Friday by an admitted lawbreaker who claims he is being pressured by his private probation officer to support the for profit program. “So I was asked by my probation officer today to fill out this card asking if I wanted supervised probation to be run by a […]

McGee, Other Legislators Pad Expenses

John Miller of Boise’s Associated Press bureau posted an interesting piece today about legislators who get paid for having a residence in Boise during the session, but live within 50 miles of the Capitol. Senator John McGee, famed for recently surviving a DUI crash, avoiding auto theft charges, and terrorist attack in Turkey apparently collects […]

Spanking In Castleford Schools 5 Times Yearly

The small school district of Castleford near Twin Falls still practices corporal punishment, but no more than five times a year according to school officials. That report came in a story published today in the TIMES-NEWS newspaper. According to the story, Idaho is one of 19 states where it’s still legal to whap kids on […]

Eagle Council Wants Greenbelt Open To Bikes In G.C.

In a move that may be a wave of the future, yet another local government has joined the will of the people. The Citizens for an Open Greenbelt (COG) made its case to the Eagle City Council on Tuesday, seeking to get the Greenbelt opened to bikes in the Garden City stretch currently blocked to […]

Idaho Legislative Turkey Trot Redux

We previously questioned the propriety of a visit to Turkey by no less than 10 Idaho legislators and their spouses recently–especially after finding it was funded mostly by the Pacifica Institute, an organization with a less than stellar reputation on Google. More thought prompts the following questions: #1–Would the legislature appropriate funds to send 10 […]

Kudos To ACHD For Honoring Will Of People

Is it possible governments are starting to actually listen and ACT on the voice of the public? Citizens along NW Boise’s Collister lane opposed plans to widen their street and install curb and sidewalks–75% were happy with status quo and told the Ada County Highway District to leave it alone. At a public hearing Wednesday […]

Metal Dragging On Pavement Suspected Fire Cause

Metal hanging off a truck dragging on the pavement off South Cole Road is the suspected cause of multiple wildfires which erupted early Wednesday afternoon, sparking a multiple alarm response from firefighters. For the second time in two years Boise and BLM crews battled the wildfire in the same area to protect home under a […]

Labrador’s Humble Life Without Dishwasher

Idaho Congressman Raul LAbrador spoke to the City Club of Boise Tuesday, centering his speech on the economic woes of the USA. He was actually somewhat conciliatory in tone and refrained from much of the partisan bashing we have all come to expect in politics. He painted a picture of dire economic consequences if the […]

Mayor Hotline Sept 17 to Sept 23

9/19/11 Joe Caesar ISSUE: Car was taken while he was in the hospital for about a month and a half. BPD 9/20/11 Daniel Lawrence N Milwaukee Street ISSUE: Thinks the announcement about the “hole” downtown may be related to the Mayor’s re-election campaign. Mayor

Debt, Economy, Just A credit Card Thing

A GUARDIAN reader sent us this economic “comparison” which may be a bit simplistic, but it certainly puts not only our economic woes in perspective, but illustrates why so many Americans don’t see a problem. • U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000 • Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000 • New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000 • National debt: $14,271,000,000,000 • Recent […]

Coppers Cap (Another) Cornered Cougar

From Idaho Fish and Game comes this report of a human-cougar-dog incident along Mores Creek south of Idaho City. Score: one dead dog and one dead cougar. Thursday evening about 8 or 8:30 p.m. a young boy went out with his dad to look for a family pet bird dog that had been missing since […]

County Offers $5 Game Day Parking–No Booze or Tailgating

COUNTY PRESS RELEASE TEXT: Beginning this Saturday, September 24th, Ada County will offer event parking at the Civic Plaza complex just east of the Ada County Courthouse during Boise State home football games. There will be a $5 fee charged per vehicle, and all proceeds will go to support the Family Advocacy Center & Education […]

Legislators Have No Business In Turkey

Whenever states enter into the international arena of business and diplomacy you can figure there is something wrong with the plan. The local news outlets played it pretty straight yesterday when news was received that a delegation of Idaho legislators and their spouses was safe following a terrorist blast in Ankara, Turkey. This was nothing […]

Chamber Wants YOU To Pay While Business Gets Tax Breaks

The Idaho Chamber Alliance met in Meridian this week to plan how to influence the legislature. The Chamber of Commerce is a private special interest lobbying group–not officially connected with government. The alliance consists of 21 chambers of commerce from across Idaho, including Boise Metro, Eagle, Garden City, Gem County, Kuna, Meridian and Nampa. Their […]

Mayor Hotline Sept 10 to 16

The once fertile hotline is a mere shadow of its former self. We don’t know if this is due to the superb editing talents of the Team Dave staff or just a token list of complaints received by the city staff. The GUARDIAN will continue to offer the space to readers, but without more detail […]

Daily Paper Headline Open To Interpretation

Gotta admit, they got our attention over at the DAILY with this headline: “IDAHO WIC PROGRAM IS AMONG TOP 3 IN THE NATION FOR BREAST-FEEDING RATES” Does this mean Idaho babies are some of the fastest little suckers in the country? Does it mean more Idaho women are prone to the natural method in lieu […]

Can’t Find Local Officials? Try Valley County’s Tamarack Resort

If you can’t find your local mayor, city councilor, or county commish, try looking at Tamarack Resort in Valley County. These members of the “Treasure Valley Partnership”–comprised of local elected officials–are spending YOUR tax money for hotel rooms, travel, and rental houses to meet and discuss a topic near and dear to Treasure Valley residents: […]

Bad News: Property Taxes Rise Over 30% In Past 4 Years

We are in much deeper economic trouble than it would appear when we take a close look at property taxes in Ada County. The Daily Paper’s Cynthia Sewell filed a TAX STORY Thursday which was accurate enough, but didn’t sound the alarm we should all be hearing. Sewell properly noted that property values are going […]

Attention Editors & Reporters: Give Us NEWS!

We admit up front it’s easy to sit on the sidelines and snipe, but the past few days of news has been lacking content. Editors, please don’t go on the defense and mention all you HAVE covered. We’re just saying… Please stop running all these stupid surveys! They are for the most part worthless and […]

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