United Water Seeks $7,616,015 Annual Fee Hike

Interesting how one can spin the numbers when it comes to making millions upon millions of dollars for a French-owned monopoly company like Suez United Water.

We got our water bill today which includes a notice the company has filed for “rate relief” with the Idaho Public Utilities Commission asking for a mere “19 cents per day or $5.82 per month.”

Put another way, the company is seeking an average of nearly $70 per year from most of us residential customers and much of the reason is due to successful water conservation measures which cut the volume of water consumed. Total increase would amount to $7,616,015 a year which is about a 20% increase.

Look for the PUC to give them about half of what they say need, thus cutting the amount of US$ going to France.

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  1. Guardian, I think our own US Idacorp is asking for the same thing with electric rates. Electric usage is down, the shareholders are clammoring for more PROFITS!
    Don’t forget all the water systems provided for growth that didn’t happen in the burbs. They want you and I to pay for it. Much like Great Britain wanted the Colonies to pay for the French and Indian War. Forget what country the demand for profit is comming from, it is multinatinal corporations.
    Pointing a finger at France is blatant redneck nationalistc rabble rousing because we’ve been taught to hate France. Amazed you would stoop so low, but on the otherhand the intellectual capacity of most of your bloggers loves it while they buy crap made in China at Walmart cause it’s cheap.

    EDITOR NOTE–Guilty as charged! Just don’t put me on probation in Ada County please. I happen to like France and visit often. The intent was to show the opposite “spin” than that provided by the water company which made me almost want to send donations for all they have done for us.

  2. That’s odd, just the other day they wanted to give away 100K that had stacked up in a poor people fund.

    So, Sharon, are you charging United Water through the nose the way they are charging us? We own the water table right? So make it a county business and charge us cost. They built the business model on continued growth, now they need to squeeze the existing user in order to stay fat.

  3. It’s always refreshing when “dog” condescends to share his/her illuminated musings with us intellectually-challenged Walmart-shopping commoners.

  4. (blatant redneck nationalistc rabble rousing)
    Ya so??
    I still have a problem with foreign countries being allowed to buy up our public utilities. Its our water and here we sell it to another country? Why not just sell out to China?

  5. Robert, so do you buy shoes made in China? Shoes are a commodity. Ever try living without them? What is the difference? I’d bet if United Water was bought by a corporation in Great Britain 98% of the people wouldn’t give a hoot who say they hate foreign “countries” buying our public utilities.
    Dude, France did not buy our water utility. A MULTINATIONAL CORPORATION did. Big difference.

    Did you have a problem when
    Scottish Power bought out Utah Power Light? Bet not. (NOT FRENCH)

    Someday perhaps, you will realize who is pimping you. I suggest you look up what a multinational corporation is and while you’re at it, look up capitalisim.

  6. Bike-boy, Kool-Aid on sale at Wal-Mart! Bet you never knew what the red star between Wal and Mart stood for on the old logo? They got rid of that right quick.

  7. Dog you do have a way with words!
    You ruined your speech when you used the word DUDE.

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