More Questionable Spending By Politicos

The DAILY PAPER ran a good page one story Sunday detailing questionable spending by the Idaho Water Users on behalf of its director who is running for mayor of Eagle.

The short version is the nonprofit group which represents water users (mostly irrigation customers) has acted as banker on behalf of the group’s executive director, Norm Semanko by loaning him cash for a house and home improvements.

Semanko is chairman of the Republican Party and a candidate for mayor of Eagle.

We find it interesting the Statesman also revealed loans from St. Luke’s hospital to doctors, but it was worth only a single sentence while the politico warranted lengthy documentation and factual presentation for a fraction of the amount.

Bottom line: nonprofits need more scrutiny. Not only should associations be closely monitored, but the likes of the Boise Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, hospitals (see previous post), and churches renting non-religious space should all be candidates for taxation.

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  1. Interesting to me that the water users association gets tax money, too. I am not sure that’s appropriate.. although we fund all manner of commissions and groups… mostly for the benefit of farmers.

  2. Rod in SE Boise
    Oct 17, 2011, 10:24 am

    Just because something is legal doesn’t make it right.

    Sounds like he is in over his head and might default. The water users could end up owning a house in Eagle.

  3. It will serve the water users right if Semanko defaults on his loan. Isn’t this already a tax payer bail out since tax payers are paying some of the funds to the association? Seems to me it is.
    I guess it’s no wonder it’s usually Republican politicians caught in sleaze operations since the place (Idaho) is owned by them.
    Oversight of non-profits in Idaho is nil because the big hospitals,insurance, and churches want it that way.

    Wonder what our Tea Party friends think of this???

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