Big League Baseball Depends On Minor League Public Funds

The Better Boise Coalition is seeking extra innings in its game of “bulid a bigger Boise ballpark.”

Every survey over the past few years predicts a homerun when it comes to building a new baseball park, but when it comes to financing they all strike out. The DAILY PAPER published a box score round up of the efforts which does a pretty nice job of explaining the various options.

Most of the options rely on taxpayers, but one will “sell” foreigners a a green card if they invest and create 10 jobs–perhaps this would include popcorn and peanut vendors.

The GUARDIAN finds it disturbing that “civic leaders” will be hosted at a meeting that will cost common citizens $45 to attend.

The details according to the STATESMAN:
The Better Boise Coalition will discuss next steps with civic leaders during a meeting Tuesday hosted by the Urban Land Institute, from 4 to 6:30 p.m. at the Owyhee Plaza Hotel, 1109 W. Main St.

Tickets are $30 for ULI members, $45 for nonmembers with discounts for public sector/nonprofit employees, students and “young leaders” under age 35. Registering at the event is an additional $5. For information, visit

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  1. Dave, you don’t appear impressed by the studies that predict a “home run”. I would like to see their study that estimates the amount of money not being spent on other economic activity that will be spent at the stadium for events. Usually people will choose to spend in one place or another, therefore for every extra dollar spent at the new shiny stadium, some other restaurant or service will realize less economic activity. For a short primer on baseball stadiums see video:

    Sound familiar, economic benefit, lots of activity, shiny new stadium? Not with my taxpayer money.

  2. Sports! The new religion for a Godless people.

    Baseball is not such a bad one, not near as much child molestation as other sports, but collections need to be optional, the players should take a vow of poverty, and all profits returned to the community.

  3. Government is always so willing and eager to give my money to everyone but me. You’d think someday we might have a tea party again.

  4. I like Zippo’s notion of the “playas” being the Monks of the New Godless Society. (Although personally I’d just as soon attend a Gregorian Chanting Session as a baseball game. Too much spittin’ and scratchin’, and not enough action. And therefore I defer the financing of baseball to my fellow citizens who find it more compelling.)

    I found the discount for “young leaders under age 35” to be interesting. Does that suggest a form of age discrimination? Maybe everybody over 35 should be turned into Soylent Green. And how does one get the “young leader” cred? Must you prove that you voted for Bieter’s hand-picked yuppie council people? So many questions.

  5. On the Ch7 Morning News today, Mr. Petcash began a story about a possible new stadium with words to the effect of “Where the Boise Hawks will build their new stadium…”

    It’s been my understanding that the Boise Hawks don’t plan to build anything but rather to have the taxpayers build a stadium from which the team can derive profits.

    Is this not essentially correct?

  6. It is once again “the magic of urban renewal” paying for all manner of bling with no vote of the people. I would offer if MLB wants a new stadium (that is never full and near empty most of the season)they pay for it out of all the cash they raked in all season long. Otherwise, I think it prudent we help them find another town willing to go into hock.

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