Statesman Follows TV, Offers Reruns

Oh, the perils of modern technology!

Our friends at the DAILY PAPER offered readers a second chance at the news in some editions when they presented several pages from the Monday edition in the Tuesday edition. We are all used to getting “old news” in the printed paper these days, but when you don’t have a printing press and outsource the production of the largest newspaper in the state to a small time neighbor, accidents happen.

We think nothing of watching the same stories repeated over and over on CNN, 24/7, and other electronic venues. So it is no surprise to see the Statesman offer reruns. Ironically, if they hadn’t owned up to the mistake not many folks would have even noticed.

The big question now is how do they get the Tuesday news in the Wednesday paper or will they just “fagettaboutit?”

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  1. If they could print the Wednesday news in the Tuesday paper… they’d be on to something!!

    And while I’m making requests… if they could send me the stock market page for 6 months from now, I’ll never ask anything from them again EVER!!

  2. Must be a slow news day even for you too huh Dave. It’s no wonder the main stream has a hard time taking you seriously. I will say your rants are funny to read although not usually NEWS worthy. Although for a photographer tuned second rate hack you do have a following. Glad to see your getting you fifteen minutes too bad it’s always at someone else’s expense.

    EDITOR NOTE–Glad you enjoy the humor and thanks for your kind commentary.

  3. Is the statesman still a local paper?

  4. Rick’s comments were a bit harsh but it was good to see you respond to the sarcasm with a bit of your own, “kind commentary” indeed.

  5. harsh maybe but true…lol

  6. What’s a “Statesman?” Is that like one of those old-fashioned silent movies?

  7. Rick obviously is new to these parts and doesn’t know the history between Dave and the Statesman. Some of us who were there at the time get the inside digs. As for the Statesman not taking Dave seriously, kind of the pot calling the kettle…. Not too many people these days take the Statesman seriously.

  8. Ya 1984 is new to these parts…. most of you were in high school in cal back then

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