Census Figures Explain Corporate Interest In Idaho

The folks at the Emmett newspaper came up with an interesting little nugget from a recent government report in the form of wage comparisons.

Depending whether you are buying or selling, the Gem State is either near the top or near the bottom when it comes to wages. Our relative ranking among states explains in part why businesses are willing to locate in a “business friendly” area like Idaho.

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  1. Average weekly income in Ada compared to the rest of the counties is amazing. I knew it was lower in Canyon but the actual numbers are incredible.

  2. Wages in Idaho have always been low and were driven down even further by the mass immigration of the dreded californian..

  3. Rick, how about some data to support your premise California people drove down wages. I would think our right to work laws have done more to lower wages than any other single attribute or metric.

    Some data or citation other than a personal prejudice please.

  4. Part of Otters Chinafication pogrom. If wages are driven down to Chinese levels the “job creators” will keep jobs in Idaho with massive tax subsidies thrown in. Or they will leave.
    Support the rich, we need the jobs.

  5. Does that number include welfare money?

  6. Zip, welfare money is considered income by the IRS. Without the welfare money we would be even more competitive with China and the job creators would probably mass on the borders for a full scale invasion once all the sissy environmental laws and the lands of no use wilderness were turned over to the state to be auctioned off. We could have a job boom like North Dakota but even better with North Korea like wages. Let the free market boom in Idaho!

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