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Idaho Supremes Put Damper On Storm Drain “Fee,”Affirm GUARDIAN Assertion

Idaho’s Supreme Court ruled Monday that Lewiston overstepped its constitutional authority when the city levied a mandatory “fee” which is really a tax. The GUARDIANS (both Boise and Caldwell) were on the scam April 17 when we posted a sarcastic ANALYSIS of the attempt by Nampa’s Team Tom (Mayor Tom Dale) to slip a tax […]

GUARDIAN Reader Plugs Into Dynamis Deal

The following came into the GUARDIAN as a comment on the DYNAMIS story posted recently. We contacted Commish Vern Bisterfeldt and shared the details of the comment. Bisterfeldt told us, “This is all news to me. I have asked for much of that information for over a year and was unable to get it–that’s why […]

Yogurt Plant Represents A Different Culture

The announcement that a Greek company is building a yogurt processing plant in Twin Falls was greeted with understandable excitment in the Magic Valley–it means JOBS! The yogurt plant represents a different culture. One that knows how to milk taxpayers as well as the local cows. Magic Valley is one of the biggest dairy producing […]

Statesman Voter Guide Well Done

We like to beat our friends at the DAILY PAPER to the punch whenever possible, but we also give them kudos when they do a good job. Such is the case with their technologically well done VOTER GUIDE. Take a look and give it a workout. If you fear tracking, just use a nearby address, […]

Dynamis Inks Deal With Ada Commishes

Dynamis Energy, the outfit that got $2,000,000 of taxpayer cash to design a “trash to electricity” generating plant signed a five year agreement with Ada County Tuesday. Commish Vern Bisterfeldt voted against the project, citing “serial meetings,” lack of a bid, no performance bond, improper loans (of public funds) and no payback as Commish Sharon […]

AP–“Sniper School Broke Federal Rules”

The Associated Press followed up on yesterday’s GUARDIAN story about a suspicious “sniper training” business operating on public lands in Eastern Idaho and reports they misfied when it came to getting official permission. The would be business snookered the local media with an ATV tour, live firing of weapons by reporters and claims–or veiled–claims of […]

Occupier On Banks, No Confidence In System

By MsInformationBoise Occupy Boise Member Here in Boise, Occupiers have several local issues they have decided they’d like to address. One issue that has been discussed is the decision to build on the “Hole” downtown. For many of us it was a revelation the CCDC was subsidizing millions in public money towards the construction of […]

Free Candidate Space And Roster For Boise City Elections

UPDATE 11/1/11 MIKE CUNNINGHAM (first up after “continue reading”) New endorsements UPDATE 10/22/11 TERRY MALARKEY (first up after continue reading) Star mayor race UPDATE 10/18/11 MIKE CUNNINGHAM (first up after “continue reading”) Buckner endorsement UPDATE 10/6/11 LAWRENCE JOHNSON (first up after “Continue reading) Bio from the candidate UPDATE 10/4/11 MIKE CUNNINGHAM (first up after continue […]

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