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Census Figures Explain Corporate Interest In Idaho

The folks at the Emmett newspaper came up with an interesting little nugget from a recent government report in the form of wage comparisons. Depending whether you are buying or selling, the Gem State is either near the top or near the bottom when it comes to wages. Our relative ranking among states explains in […]

Chinese Electric Bus Factory, A High Voltage Route Or Short Circuit?

This guest post was submitted by a reader known to the GUARDIAN who is well versed in the bus transportation industry. By Jimmy D. Bus, Guardian Transportation Correspondent When it comes to electric buses in America, it appears Communist China’s Zonda Corp. attempted to establish a marketing beach head in the Treasure Valley six months […]

Statesman Follows TV, Offers Reruns

Oh, the perils of modern technology! Our friends at the DAILY PAPER offered readers a second chance at the news in some editions when they presented several pages from the Monday edition in the Tuesday edition. We are all used to getting “old news” in the printed paper these days, but when you don’t have […]

Will Politicos Squelch China Demo Bus?

It will be interesting to see if Idaho politicos are as adamant about enforcing the “Buy America Act” when it comes to a demonstration electric bus for Camarillo, California as they were when Boston sought a waiver of the federal rules to get a demo locomotive in 2008. Zonda USA–which sounds a lot more like […]

Hammer Flat Sale Appears A “Done Deal,” Hang Gliders To Be Grounded Forever

Boise’s City Council is about to consider the sale of the Hammer Flat land to the Idaho Fish and Game Department after acting as the “straw man” purchasing the parcel on behalf of F&G almost two years ago in a secret deal. In a Sunday editorial, the DAILY PAPER questioned deal, noting the city and […]

Mayor Hotline November 12 to 18

11/14/11 Tom Jewell Silvercreek Lane Boise ISSUE: Occupy Boise site is a mess and needs to follow all applicable laws. Directed to ID Dept of Administration 11/15/11 Larry Grimmett ISSUE: Occupy Boise tent city is unattractive. Directed to ID Dept of Administration 11/15/11 Kathy Grimmett E Parkway Court Boise, ID 83706 ISSUE: Upset about Occupy […]

Communist China Learns Capitalism From USA Government Subsidies

In this modern day of Communist China leading the world in capitalist business ventures funded by U.S. Government taxpayers, we are not surprised to learn of Chinese plans to seek cheap labor in Idaho. The latest scheme is an electric BUS FACTORY to be built in the Treasure Valley. GUARDIAN GROWTHOPHOBES caution the enthusiastic Chamber […]

PUC Plugs Into Dynamis-Idaho Power Deal

The Idaho PUC is now on the punch list for the “trash to electricity” deal proposed for the Ada County landfill. Idaho Power agreed to buy power from Dynamis’ project at the Ada County landfill for $92.35 per megawatt-hour. The proposal was submitted Tuesday to the Idaho Public Utilities Commission. Regulators will evaluate it for […]

Boise County Explores Bond Sale

Boise County Commishes issued a press release Tuesday saying they are exploring options to satisfy a multi million dollar federal court judgement. The DAILY PAPER quoted the release saying they may be able to have a smaller levy spread out over 20-30 years—just as the GUARDIAN suggested recently.

Geezer Group Talks Turkey Over Raising Rates

Taking advantage of the paucity of news during the holiday week, the oldtimers at AARP have issued a press release aimed at the electricity and water providers who want more cash for their current. With Thanksgiving just days away, AARP Idaho has released the hotly anticipated winners of its first annual Gem State Turkey Award […]

Boise County Debt Easily Solved

DISCLAIMER: The GUARDIAN is not an attorney, but plays one in court when necessary. As a public service to the citizens of Boise County, we will offer some “municipal finance” advice about the ill advised actions of your Commishes with regard to bankruptcy and zoning the property for troubled teens. U.S. District Judge B. Lynn […]

Meridian Sexting Ban Better Suited For Coppers

While well intentioned, a proposed “sexting policy” for the Meridian School District may be better suited for law enforcement. As written, the policy is constitutionally intrusive with potentially illegal searches into student telephones and communication devices. Rather than the following proposed policy, the District may be better served to have a simple policy stating, “If […]

Mayor Hotline November 5 to 11

11/7/11 Anonymous ISSUE: Lights too bright in airport landscaping. Airport 11/7/11 Margo Jimenez S Lincoln, Boise ISSUE: Not happy about the Occupy Boise protesters in downtown. Mayor 11/7/11 Robert Jimenez ISSUE: He needs help because an officer is trying to force him to do illegal activity. Police 11/10/11 Doug Strosnider Alpine Drive Nampa, ID ISSUE: […]

Big League Baseball Depends On Minor League Public Funds

The Better Boise Coalition is seeking extra innings in its game of “bulid a bigger Boise ballpark.” Every survey over the past few years predicts a homerun when it comes to building a new baseball park, but when it comes to financing they all strike out. The DAILY PAPER published a box score round up […]

U of I, Penn State Cases Share Similar Facts

We are surprised how few seem to have connected the dots between the tragic murder of the University of Idaho Coed and the child rape allegations at Penn State. In both cases university officials were advised of horrible crimes and/or threats, but no action was even taken to launch full fledged investigations. All concerned should […]

Boise Airport Director Shown The Departure Gate

Richard McConnell, Boise’s Airport Director for the past four years, took off on an unknown heading Friday when it was announced he has left his job. No reason for his unscheduled flight was announced. Word has it he hit turbulence with Team Dave and they effectively “canceled his ticket.” No word about whether or not […]

Will Ada Probation Officer Get Probation?

The GUARDIAN had multiple tips Thursday about Ada County Misdemeanor Probation Officer Austin Plew, 26 allegedly “kicked it up a notch” Thursday when he went from misdemeanor probation officer to felony defendant. The GUARDIAN has it on pretty good authority he allegedly violated the basic rule of “Don’t bite the hand the feeds you.” Plew […]

F&G Cosmmishes Approve Hammer Flat Funding

Idaho Fish and Game Commishes meeting in Coeur d’Alene approved in principal the $4 million purchase of land known as Hammer Flat east of Boise. It was purchased by Boise City for $4 million in a secret deal. After repeated attempts by the GUARDIAN to reveal the true details of the purchase, city officials revealed […]

If Each New Job Creates 3-5 Other New Jobs, Does Each Job Lost Create 3-5 Added Losses?

The news from the J.R. Simplot Wednesday is bad any way you look at it. Loss of up to 1,000 jobs and closure of potato processing plants in Aberdeen and Nampa is not anyone’s idea of holiday cheer. It’s even worse using any of the gushingly optimistic estimates about “job creation” related to the new […]

Bieter Elected By 11% Of Registered Voters

It looks like politics as usual in the City of Trees following the Tuesday election. No changes and a vacant seat filled by a hand picked Bieter boy. Incumbent Mayor Dave Bieter was elected to a third term with a whopping 11% of the eligible votes. While those who won will proclaim the turnout of […]

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