New Kuna Mayor In Billing Dispute With City

A story in the daily paper Monday portrayed Kuna’s mayor-elect as a pro-business kind of guy when it comes to fees and regulations associated with new businesses and conciliatory toward neighboring city Meridian.

However, Mayor-elect Greg Nelson didn’t have much good to say about planning and Zoning Director Steven Hasson and that probably stems from a dispute over $36,000 in fees the city claims it is owed by the new mayor for water and sewer hook-up fees for the Creekside Lounge and Peregrine Steaks and Spirits Restaurant built in 2005/06 by Nelson.

Caldwell GUARDIAN editor Paul Alldredge did the leg work after reading the DAILY PAPER and found the alleged non-payment was discovered in a state DEQ financial audit of Kuna’s city sewer and water records.

Public records include a series of communications, including demand for payment, between Hasson and Nelson beginning in March.

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  1. This seems like a fairly easy problem to resolve. Mr. Nelson simply pulls up a check facsimile from his bank statements showing a Kuna City Cancellation for the funds in question.

    Mr. Nelson is not keeping faith with the laws and ordinances he will be sworn to uphold.

    EDITOR NOTE–If he shows proff of payment, case closed. If not, look for some interesting stories in 2012.

  2. Same ol same ol for Nelson. The Duke of Kuna will never change from the old days.

  3. Wow, without the outside audit the tax payer would have taken it on the chin. Lots more audits please!

  4. He should run for congress!! He would fit right in!

  5. The Building Permit should reflect if the water/sewer fees were paid and Nelson should have produced the proof he paid what is owed.

    Mr. Nelson is playing possum with Kuna officials for the moment. Corrupt Idaho politics at its best and this is a great example.

  6. It all depends on your definition of a bill or a payment.

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