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Mayor Hotline December 17 to 23

Since the hotline provided by the Mayor’s office has become more cryptic and less informative, the GUARDIAN this week will insert editorial comment to put selected comments in perspective. This is the same document provided to City Counselors. Perhaps they will switch to the GUARDIAN for more insight.

Tamba Vaughn
Las Vegas
ISSUE: Complaint about a BPD officer at the airport.
EDITOR NOTE–Turns out her son got a ticket for “some weed” in his bag and when the copper called the phone number on the bag, he was treated rudely by whoever answered. The number was Vaughgn’s old PORTLAND phone and was no longer valid. That person thought the copper was a crank caller harassing her, so that woman was nasty to the copper. When Vaughn made contact from her LAS VEGAS home with her son who was being detained at the Boise airport security checkpoint, the copper wouldn’t talk with her because he THOUGHT she had previously been rude to him and he wasn’t gonna take any crap from the kid’s mom. Vaughn’s complaint was the fact the copper wouldn’t let her explain that he originally dialed the wrong number. The copper is alleged to have made inappropriate remarks to the weed suspect about his mother as he was released. A lesson in “listening” should suffice.

David Rigby
E Beacon Street
Boise, ID 83716
ISSUE: Opposes sale of Hammer Flat to Fish & Game because he’s afraid it will limit recreation.

EDITOR NOTE–It’s a done deal Mr. Rigby and you can’t limit recreation more than the city did with a fence and locked gate. We suspect F&G will have a more reasoned approach and allow the hang glider folks access when the deer are not close by.

Laurie Braun
Crescent Rim Drive
Boise, ID 83706
ISSUE: Does not want taller lights on Ann Morrison baseball field.
Parks & Rec

EDITOR NOTE–Are taller lights being planned? Seems like the rim residents would have a legitimate beef if their view is obstructed or their windows are flooded with light pollution.

Matt Alan
Vernonia, OR
ISSUE: Upset with the way police handled his case.

EDITOR NOTE–Alan was subject of threatening e-mails and referred to Boise PD by the FBI. Perhaps if he had posed as 13 year old girl the coppers would have met him in a parking lot.

Vera Stevensen
Vallivue Retirement
ISSUE: Needs to talk to the Better Business Bureau.

Vanessa Lang

Mortimer Drive
Boise, ID 83712
ISSUE: Leak near intersection of Shenandoah and Roanoke.

Terence Martin
ISSUE: He is a registered sex offender who needs a place to live.

EDITOR NOTE–Terence, try the Boise Housing office–they have plenty of residents in your situation on Vista and Capitol Blvd. at public housing sites.

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  1. My case is listed above. The police have still done nothing. Since they have not resolved my case I am not able to go to the police ombudsman because they only deal with “closed” cases.

    This is how the police keep their complaints low with the mayors office.

    I’ve apprached the news media, newspaper, mayors office and everyone else I can think of but apparently the police in this town enjoy their little bit of corruption.

    In 200,000 miles of travel in the last 2 years, all 48 continental United States, I have never seen a more ineffective, unprofessional, and arrogant police force.

    My last contact was from Eric Jordan of KBOI – station manager – 5 days ago who said very tersely, “I have faith in our capable police force.”

    Please note that 3 days later I sent him another e-mail about his “capable” police force. He didn’t have the nerve to respond.

  2. Matt

    Could you explain what you situation is and what our local boys in blue did?

    One thing to keep in mind when dealing with cops in the valley they can quote you cali law but Idaho law doesn’t really matter much to them.

    I will say one thing in favor of our local cops I don’t think they are no more corrupt than cops anywhere else, that statement is moderated however by the simple fact that the vast majority of cops are nothing more than thugs.

  3. Rod in SE Boise
    Dec 30, 2011, 4:10 pm

    BPD should remove the slogan “To Serve and Protect” from their cars.

    People who think they are in positions of “authority” don’t want to listen to anyone.

  4. cops will tell you they are not hired to serve….they are there to maintain order… they cant be bothered with service…as a matter of fact don’t feel that should have to handle “service calls” atleast according to a BPD dective who also teaches CJ classes at BSU. They are too busy trying to make sure that “they go home tonight”. Cops have an us against them attitude… If they would ever treat the average person they meet with some respect they might get some respect back.

  5. Doesn’t sound like you have an us versus them attitude in the least Rick. Did you know there is more than the one officer you know working for BPD?

  6. CJ
    Actually I think everyone has an “us vs them” attitude. I know that LE does. I understand that you guys have a job to do, what I am saying is if LE wants community relations to get better (I personally don’t think LE wants this) LE is going to have to take the first step toward making that happen. A very very small percentage of citizens pose a threat to LE but, everyone who comes in contact with LE is seen as a threat. That fact in its self puts both LE and the citizen in more danger than need be.

    LE are taught that Joe citizen is a threat to them and they are trained to act accordingly, which forces Joe citizen to see officer Bob as a threat and act in his own best interest. This scenario will perpetuate it’s self until someone stands up and says enough is enough. I would think that a well armed well trained officer who has every advantage should be the one who attempts to deescalate these situations, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Someone is going to have to take the lead here and I would think the first step should be taken by the entity best prepared to react to a situation.

    I am not sure I understand your statement/question. “Did you know there is more than one officer you know working for BPD?” If you are asking/saying that I KNOW, as in have had multiple interactions with more than 1 BPD officer, I would have to answer that with no at least I don’t think so. If you are asking if I understand that there is more than 1 officer working for BPD I would answer that with a quizzical DUH.

  7. I’ve been on vacation Rick, but I see your rants are still going. The us against them thing is getting old, get on a new soap box. Since there is no indication of what alleged email harassment there is against Matt, who knows if there is even a violation of law. As far as calls for service, do a ride along some time and see how many calls for service an officer handles, and what types of calls they receive before you blatantly slam the cops.

    EDITOR NOTE–The complainant claims the case remains open, thus preventing him from filing an ombudsman complaint. He seems to be be saying “either close the file or work it.”

  8. Rick, can’t help but respond to your comment. You have had “multiple” interactions with BPD? What in the world are you doing to have that much interaction with them? I’ve lived in the area for over 15 years and have ONE run in with them (speeding ticket for those that must know) and I absolutely deserved the ticket. I was treated with respect when I dealt with them. Are YOU doing something with your “interactions” with them to cause them to treat you any different then I was treated?
    Your comments seem as though you’ve been in trouble on a few occasions. And that’s ok, if you choose the behavior then you choose the consequences but blaming the police for your bad behavior gets you nowhere. I can’t for the life of me see why you have such contempt for the BPD but you come to the rescue of what I assume is your probation officer Nancy Cladis. Maybe you should thank them for bringing the two to you together instead of bashing them at every opportunity?

  9. Rick, I recommend you get a cheap lawyer to do your communicating for you. You do still have rights and should still be served and protected by the police, but it is way easier for them to ignore you because you seem angry and a little off the bubble perhaps? This is their most common reason to let people twist. I think they get a kick out of it. If you become less angry and more credible it will get useful attention.

    Bad cop behavior for your viewing pleasure can be found on youtube: Some are just funny, others not so much.

  10. SUMF
    Is it possible to have an honest discussion with you about any of these points? Is it possible for you see that another intelligent person may have a valid opinion that does not coincide with your view of the world?
    I would love to buy you a cup of coffee and discuss some of these things with you

  11. Rick, not just me bud, read Zippos and Curious entries, seem to be tired of the rants also.

  12. Wanted to add Rick, it is possible for me to see that others have their opinion, and that is the reason for forums of this nature. Point, counterpoint, pros and cons in debate, I am pro-police, you are anti-police, that is why we can have our say on here. I definitely don’t have to meet for a cup of coffee to discuss my side. You for one my friend will never change my perspective on this topic, so keep throwing out your beliefs and I will keep defending the police that 99% of our population want out there!

  13. Well he’s not black, so it must have been the facial hair?

    They have earned it.

  14. Curious
    I am a bit confused. You might want to reread my answer to CJ.
    For clarity let me say this I have never been arrested by, ticketed by, or pulled over by BPD.
    The main interaction’s I have had with BPD revolve around a BSU CJ-102 class I took at Gowen Field which was taught by a BPD detective, I did also have a few passing conversations with a BPD officer who moonlighted as a bouncer at the Buffalo Club. I did ask a BPD/BSU cop a question and got a through briefing on California law.
    I have not bashed one BPD cop personally, my comments go to the systemic problems that are and have been rampant in PD’s across the country and seem to be becoming more and more frequent. My contempt for cops comes from time spent as a reserve deputy with a rural sheriffs department having seen how differently those on the inside are treated than those on the outside.
    My defense of Nancy, although totally irrelevant to this discussion, was in response to what I took as personal attacks on her (Who she hires, fires, and whether she has had plastic surgery or not to name a few). There are things in her program as well as things the police do that I agree with whole heartedly while other things I am vehemently against.

  15. SUMF
    Evidently I have not done a very good job at getting my point out there. I have no desire to change your opinion. I have attempted to say that there is more than one valid side to every discussion, and that there are some things that cops do that need to be revamped. I don’t think personal attacks have a place on here, if I have made any comments that you feel were derogatory and were pointed directly at you I apologize, that was not my intent.
    You say I am anti police, on that I disagree. If I did not think that cops have a very important role to play in our society I would not have spent two years with that sheriffs department. A position that came with 0 pay, 0 insurance, and very little training, we bought our own weapon, belt, cuffs, asp, pepper, ammo and even got to pay dues we did get a uniform shirt and a badge. We even had to supply the pepper spray that we got sprayed.
    I did however get the opportunity to drive the car of another reserve back to his house after he was pulled over for a DUI, he rode home with the deputy and by home I don’t mean the county jail. I also got to set in front of the house of a city cops house while the deputy I was riding with went inside for a tryst, my job was to honk the horn if we got a call, or her husband (also a cop) let dispatch know he was leaving his office. Maybe these things have tainted me slightly.

  16. It probably was an accident but, I’ll bet he didnt go through the same hoops as Bubba would have for the same accident.

  17. Why do you keep bringing up California law? What type of briefings have you got on that from a BPD officer? For a guy who is taking CJ courses, and has had very little interaction with BPD officers, you still are very against them, even though you have no alleged personal interaction but talking to a few. Anyway, like I said, put in for a ride along, since you have never been in trouble for anything you can do one and maybe see what really goes on.

  18. An example of how the cops do have a crappy job a lot of the time. They do a lot better with these school situations where they will now enter the building immediately. In the past they would make sure it was safe for the officers first before driving an APC in to look around after the bad guy was out of ammo.

  19. In response to the dumb dumb dumb story… that’s people… should he be sued… prob not.. should he get biffed in the back of the head and a good arse chewing defiantly.

    In response to the kid in school, that ones on the parents in my opinion, you can argue that the cops could have done it differently.. it could have.. but they did what they thought they had too with the info they had at the time. It’s too bad they had to kill him, LTL woulda been better but you work with what you got not every PD has LTL. No matter what anyone says you never shoot to wound you always shoot center mass.

    Kinda like the incident here a few years back when the dad called in his kid and told the cops the kid had a gun…kid comes around the corner in the dark… cop did what he felt he had to do…come to find out the gun wasn’t real… but I for one aint gonna let someone get the drop on me on the off chance it is a toy/BB/fake gun thats just not smart.

  20. The police and our government do something everyday to make me feel free and safe. God Bless America! God help us if they get any better at what they do for us.

    PS: Is O’bamis’ family still hiding out in Philly or did they get sent home yet?

    Editor, thanks for tollerating my fun on this and other posts. I’ll take a break for awhile.

    EDITOR NOTE–You are pushing the envelope! We don’t mink links to topics we post, but it is kinda bad taste to take readers away from the GUARDIAN.

  21. I am a militant filmmaker. I did a film and someone started threating my life. I have had quite a few death threats for my opinions but i can usually dismiss them.

    However, I received a threat that was so intensely personal that it was obvious that my life was in danger.

    The threats were so bad I had to move from my apartment to maintain my safety. I called the police and they completely dropped the ball.

    In the end I got all the way to Captiabn Mulkahey of internal affairs who took my complaint and 5 weeks later has still never contacted me with any information.

    After 30 days of not leaving my house, with my girlfriend having panic attcks I left boise and moved out of the sate for my safety.

    To this day someone is still threatening my life and the police refuse to do anytihng about it.

    I even told them I would blast them publicly but they are so arrogant and out of control that they just laighed at me and let me live in fear for mine and my families life.

    I tried to contact the police ombudsman but the police have learned that if they activate a case and bury it the ombudsman cannot intercede as they can only deal with closed cases.

    So yes, the boise police allowed another human being to destroy my life to the point that i had to move hundreds of miles away to feel safe.

    I think you should stand up and fight these (expletive deleted) and make them do their jobs.

    As of now i am looking for people who have been wronged or had thier cases buried by the boise police. When i get the info I am looking for I am going after the mayor for not providing the proper checks and balances over the police force.

    He may not care now but when his political sincerety is questioned in a very public manner he will pound his fist and demand that something be done about this atrocity!


    I’m not new and I’m not within the jurisdiction of the boise police anymore as well. So those pigs can go f*&% themselves.

    You can’t fight city hall from within a city but from 600 mies away it’s much more entertaining and winnable.

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