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New Group Vows To Police Boise Coppers

A start up group calling itself BOISE COP WATCH plans to hit the streets this weekend armed with video cameras to record the activities of Boise coppers.

Pete Rimkus, the organizer says BCW (Boise Cop Watch) will be on patrol in Boise, Idaho this Saturday Night, January 14th, 2012.

Their goal: accountability through transparency so the streets are safer for all who wish to set foot upon the pavement as free individuals. The BCW will join with others who believe in documenting police interactions through the lens of a camera. BCW hopes that the police – who purport to strive for openness – will welcome their efforts.

For more information about this topic or to volunteer, contact Pete Rimkus 208.570.1945 or email

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  1. Perhaps BCW could also document what the Boise Police do not do.

    Whenever I drive through downtown Boise during the weekday business hours, I see numerous people jaywalking as well as completely ignoring the walk / don’t walk signals. Apparently, everyone knows that there is no enforcement so no need to respect the signals.

    I would love to see a YouTube video that documents the priorities in Boise.

  2. I hope jaywalking isn’t among the Boise Police Departments top priorities…

  3. Brad, Jaywalking? Jaywalking? C’mon man are you talking about jaywalking? Yea let’s hire more cops to monitor jaywalking. We need more monitors to make sure the peons are paying attention to the all important walk/don’t walk signals. Remember to respect the signals. Good idea Brad.

  4. BoiseCopWatch
    Jan 13, 2012, 9:52 am

    We are guided by the principal that everyone must own their own actions. Jaywalking is a “crime” without a victim. I think we (as human beings) are smart enough to cross the street without government regulations on how to cross the street.

  5. LJ

    The menatality of so many people is to walk when they want to walk. It sends a message to everyone that the rules are not for them.

    Have you paid attention to the number of children run over by cars, near schiools, this year? If they were in a signaled walkway, and followed the signal, their mothers would have been much happier than getting the call about the accident.

  6. I have found crosswalks tend to give pedestrians a false sense of security. They think due to the crosswalk they are safe to cross the street at will. The reality is they are not safer if they have not verified vehicle drivers have actually given them the right to cross and have stopped their vehicle.

    I call it Combat Walking for lack of a better description.

  7. I think all police actions should be video recorded. It will put the cops as well as the violator on notice and everyone will be better behaved.

    Most people have video capability in their phones. The Pepper-Spray Cop deal at UC Davis comes to mind here.

  8. While jaywalking may not be Boise’s biggest crime issue, Brad makes a very good point… laws that aren’t enforced are also not obeyed. Witness the many irresponsible bike riders – against traffic, at night without lights, etc. – no enforcement so no compliance.

    I’d like to see more enforcement of the Animal ordinances! Did you know in Boise it’s illegal to keep as a pet:
    – Giant anteater (no mention of tne normal-sized anteater)
    – Sloth
    – Whale
    – Ostrich
    – Penguin
    – Sea turtle
    – Komodo dragon
    (Damn meddling bureaucracy… although I’d like to watch the Boise Cop Watch video of a dolphin confiscation procedure.)

  9. Paul is correct. Everyone should be on their best behavior. However show the entire event! Too many videos are cut and show a small part of what occurred. Remember video doesn’t lie, but it only shows one point of view. Look at how many points of view are used during a football game to determine play calls…

    Look at the UC Davis example. How many have watched other videos taken the same day? It paints a much different picture. Go to youtube and search for ‘UC Davis what really happend.’

  10. BoiseCopWatch
    Jan 13, 2012, 4:43 pm

    @Brad as I do agree with your “kids in cross walk” statement I would also like to think that if I, a 40 year old human being, look both ways and cross the street, its much different then lets say a 6 year old. I’ve been crossing streets for about 34 years now and again, I dont need a city ordinance or regulation telling me how to cross a street.

    @LJ you are 100% correct, many videos show 1 side. I do not want to vilify anyone or make the police look bad in any way. The point is to keep everyone accountable.

  11. LJ it’s a protest. You might be to young to understand a protest and what it means. Cops still shouldn’t have used the pepper spray.

  12. Rod in SR Boise
    Jan 14, 2012, 12:31 pm

    I support the efforts of this group to monitor the activities of the BPD.

    BPD needs to elevate red light runners to the top of their priority list.

    Regarding jaywalking, it is just one of many things that are illegal that shouldn’t be illegal. Mayor and city council need to repeal many of the ordinances on the books.

  13. Robert,

    I didn’t say if it is right or wrong, I simply pointed out the different views presented through watching the different videos. I respect the Boise Guardian for supplying this forum so issues can be debated. Hopefully you will learn to be respectful and not condescending when someone represents a view different than yours.

  14. Rod,

    Remember, there are over 400 traffic signals in Ada Count, the majority in Boise. Boise has about 300 sworn officers, less than 100 officers per shift per day. That includes detectives, narcotics, patrol school resource officers, neighborhood officers, BSU and the command staff. Having officers sit at traffic signals waiting for red light runners is not an efficient use of resources. Maybe Idaho should ratify a red light camera enforcement law and hire a company on a flat fee to enforce it. Raise the fee for DUIs and red light running to $5000-$10000 per event and get the judges to enforce it. Make it hurt to do either.

    Jaywalking is basically crossing a street BLOCK between two signals and not being in a legal crosswalk. An example would be on Caitol between Main and Idaho. You have to use a crosswalk – anywhere else is illegal. Drivers need to have some type of reasonable expectation where peds will be and peds need to be responsible enough to cross where they should, or they should be responsible for the results

  15. chicago sam
    Jan 15, 2012, 6:49 am

    undercover stakeouts on donut shops? Just be careful running your car to keep warm. You could get carbon monoxide poisening

  16. Good idea on an organized effort to oversee BPD. Classic video on youtube where the copper asks for the video person’s name and information. For what? It’s harassment of citizens.

    Jaywalking does need enforcement particulary Main and Idaho when the cops are ALREADY there.

    Imagine YOU being the driver goind through town and the drunk arses walk out in front of you… you are not expecting people dressed in dark clothes, talking on their phone…. and WHAM you hit and injure or kill someone. Try explaining that to a judge and consider the risk of you LOSING the case. Even if you do win the case, you have to live with that experience forever.

    If you don’t think it worthy of enforcement, you must think ALL crosswalks are worthless including the pedestrian control lights.

    A video of Fri/Sat 6th and Main will show plenty of jaywalkers while BPD ignores it while talking to the cute chicks.

  17. BoiseCopWatch
    Jan 17, 2012, 9:08 am

    @ East Ender – We’ll be there Friday night, with video to follow!

  18. Really jaywalking? I cant believe this is the only topic being discussed its pretty sad. Has anyone been to NYC or any other major city where the pedestrian walk signals are all but ignored? This website is more and more of a joke everyday with the likes of Brad.

  19. I’ve been away, but I am back to play!! Yes, go out and tape those boys in blue, you may see some startling things that most of you do not believe happen. Things such as citizens being uncooperatove, fighting, being drunk and stupid and actually having to go to jail because they are breaking the law and are being held accountable for their actions. Play the entire episodes you tape and turn up the volume so you can hear Joe Citizen call the officer every name in the book and still get treated like a human being, even though they are not actually acting like one. Good for you Boise Cop Watch, show the public how good their department can be!!

  20. Hey BCW, have you seen BPD’s latest revenue enhancement vehicle?
    Completely blacked out Chevy Suburban. I just have to wonder what this thing cost and why it is needed. Other than to sit with a cop armed with a radar and rake in the $$$.

  21. Well I was right, cops are allowed to use there computers and electronic devices while driving. Of course it illegal for the rest of us.
    Another of Obamas moves toward the Socialist country they are pushing for. In Socialists countries the law enforcement is above the law with all the authority they want.
    Yes I haved lived in and visited Socialist countries, so please don’t send responses, unless U have also.

  22. You might see deputy love’s little incident…. grouping a woman in a bar and slapping her friend…. this is the same guy.. if I remember right that was drunk in a downtown bar… with at least 1 gun on him…..
    If you’re lucky you might get video of the famous boise officer #2 with a tazer in someone’s crotch….

    If you listen close to the tape you will hear the cops use some of their favorite lines…nut up… grow a set… and man up.. all designed to illicit an arrestable response
    Cops have too much power already…most of which they have no idea how to wield in a professional manner. They have no unbiased supervision and intend on making sure that that arraingement never changes.

    SUMF… we know how you feel… and others feel differently

  23. Hey Prober, that vehicle is driven by the department Commercial Enforcement Officer. Carries lots of stuff to deal with semi trucks etc. State cops drive same type of vehicles for their commercial enforcement also. If I was to bet, the vehicle was purchased thru a federal grant etc.

    Yeah Rick, you know how I feel, so will not even entertain your BS, oh yeah try spell check bud.

    EDITOR NOTE–Hey copper, if you wanna fight please do it on the Statesman site. I am posting this just so I can tell you to take it elsewhere. I did indeed trash the rest of Rick’s comments. You don’t do much for the image of law enforcement baiting people, despite past pleas to be civil.

  24. Just wanted to say I am done for good. Good bye.

  25. Boise it is only fair to warn you: You are the laughing stock of the country. This website is used out of state for nothing but ridicule and hysterics. After reading these comment, I understand why now.

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