Who Says Crime Doesn’t Pay?

The folks who find themselves caught up in the criminal justice/judicial system–admittedly for committing crimes–got a New Year’s gift from the legislature in the form of a price hike.

This from a probationer:
With everything going on with ACMPS, I just thought your readers would like to know that ACMPS has raised their supervision fees.“Effective Immediately, supervision fees will increase to $75 in accordance with Idaho Codes 20-225 and 31-3201D.” I just got back from visiting my PO and I had only the cash of their current fees of $50 so “luckily” I am able to pay on my next visit.

We haven’t heard any news about how the county plans to deal with what appears to be the unconstitutional agreement to allow a private contractor to run misdemeanor probation services as a for profit business. Only the Idaho Department of Corrections has the authority to run probation according to the Idaho Constitution.

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  1. It’s only a crime if there’s a constitution. Just get rid of the constitution and all our problems will go away.

  2. No Constitution, no government. That is an even better deal than no constitution no crime.

  3. nancy’s covering her a** now! After all of this she has to do something for over charging her clients…poor souls don’t have a chance.

  4. This is ludicrous, considering not even FELONY probation charges this much, and felony probation pays for their offender’s drug tests. I guess Nancy will do what she can to make a dime during her last year of reign. Something’s gotta pay for that $2 million house she’s got. Hey Rick and Vern, is this another issue you’ll choose to ignore? This money will most likely aid you in your next campaign, so the assumption is that you’ll keep quiet on yet another shady decision??

  5. Ex employee
    Jan 14, 2012, 1:47 pm

    That legislation was passed when I worked there but only now she is enforcing it. Seems a little suspicious that she’s losing the contract and now she ups the price. Get it while you can right Nancy? This contract should of been severed before she had the opportunity to make even
    more off offenders. The price increase certainly doesn’t surprise anyone whose worked for her. The only surprise is that she didn’t do it the second she found out the gravy train was coming to an end

  6. Have any of you contacted your legislators? They are the ones who set what the allowable charges. Rick, Vern, or even her holiness Sharron can’t stipulate what is charged. Before the same old question come flying… I DO NOT WORK FOR ACMPS.

  7. rick: the legislatoes in this state are all crooked.

  8. rick;if you dont work for ACPD while do you wtite like it. maybe you are playing devils advocate. if so this is a free country or supposed to be.

  9. Susan
    Let me field one post at a time, whether or not the legislators in the state are corrupt or not is totally irrelevant since you are having no contact with them and they in turn are not influencing your time on probation. The fact that you bring that point up shows me that you are not yet taking responsibility for your actions. One thing that people in this situation forget is this, if they had not acted in the way they acted the police, judge, or probation would have absolutely NO authority over them or their life.
    Second post:
    I am not sure what you mean by ACPD, if you mean Ada County Sheriff’s Dept. let me assure you that I have NO affiliation with ANY L.E. anywhere. I am not nor have I ever been a Probation officer in this or any other state. If you want to say I am playing devil’s advocate you can, I think a more accurate description would be that I am simply telling it like it is.
    I again am not sure what you mean by “while do you wtite like it”? I think you meant (why do you write like it) is that right? Have no idea how to respond to that, sorry.

  10. The fees for probation should reflect costs of administering the program and not another penny. Most of the people on supervised probation are functionally illiterate and barely making it financially. Yes they screwed up and the Judge put them on supervised probation but it should not be a whipping post, nor should it set these people up for failure.

  11. rick;whoops i made some typos. sorry. i still think you work for ada county misdomeaner probation dept.

  12. Paul
    I agree with you on the cost issue but, since the legislature in their infinite wisdom has decided that $75 is that magic number it seems to me that this is their problem.

    I am appalled by your comment that “Most of the people on supervised probation are functionally illiterate and barely making it financially”. That is an incredibly arrogant and narrow minded statement I wonder where you get your information, is this from something you have read or is it simply your opinion. I also wonder how you think cost of supervision plays into making probationers “whipping posts” or setting them up for failure.

  13. TITLE 20
    20-225. “Payment for cost of supervision. Any person under state probation or parole supervision shall be required to contribute not more than seventy-five dollars ($75.00) per month as determined by the board of correction. Costs of supervision are the direct and indirect costs incurred by the department of correction to supervise probationers and parolees, including tests to determine drug and alcohol use, books and written materials to support rehabilitation efforts, and monitoring of physical location through the use of technology.”…

    This is what gets me a little annoyed. I am a probationer and I’ve done everything that has been asked of me. I made a mistake and I accepted it. I’m doing my best to move past this, but feel that we are being taken advantage of. This statue reads that this fee should include testing for drug/alcohol. Obviously, ACMPS thinks that by requiring some of us test at different facilities, like Global Testing, they have the right to charge the max. I’ve met felony probationers who even think we are getting screwed. Granted their probation term is longer; their probation services, where ever they are being handled, are working to better the probationer. Not take advantage of them and are sincerely helping them out. Most people I’ve met are decent, hard working human beings who also made a mistake and are doing their best to return to their normal lifes. I heard there is a lawsuit against ACMPS because of this overcharge. I would like to check it out. Anyone know who I can contact or where to get information? Thanks!

  14. Susan

    Think what you will, I will not be able to convince you other wise. Ask your PO if there is anyone working there named Rick.

  15. most people i have met on probation ARE functioally literate with a few years of college or at least a high school education. unfortunately a lot of probationers are not doing so well financially.

  16. This starting to get out of hand. $75 now? I talk to my PO for 5 minutes or less every time I go, and this is worth $75?
    I don’t even have to see my PO this month as he is “in training” or something. Just need to go there, fill out that 2-sided form of the same information every time, pay $75 and I’m done.

    I am not poor, but not wealthy either, and $75 + $40 cab ride + $20 lab tests can start to add up each month.

  17. I suggest writing Senator John McGee about the fees. He might have something to say about it. On the other hand he probably gets huge donations for his election campaign from the private American gulag system he and his Republican friends support.

  18. As a probationer, the comments being stated from those not on probation are easy to say when your ass is not on the line. If we have to follow the rules, they should also, this is serious. Many of us can not get normal jobs because we are on probation, I don’t know if you know this or not, but making seven something an hour is barely enough, now introduce that with court fee’s cost of supervision etc. there is barely enough for a trailer in garden city. This is not just fun and games, these are peoples lives they are dealing with, some of us didn’t even do the crime but pleaded out, just because we didn’t have the money to fight in the first place. Probation was designed to keep us folks on a straight’n arrow and help rebuild our life’s, not destroy them because of a money hungry thief further more a convict worse than most of us.

  19. I just felt like we were setting up our clients for failure, our jobs as Probation Officers are to rehabilitate. It was mandatory that we put our clients on random UAs at least 3 times a month as a combo test which ran $20 per test..IF that person happened to relapse instead of offering more treatment or getting to the bottom of it..we made it mandatory that they go on SCRAM $200 up front within 3 days..oh and if you cannot afford that a client MUST come in and sign a form stating they declined the SCRAM unit…not the case they just cannot afford it. So now you’re looking at $75 for your PO visit, UAs, SCRAM, classes and fines. Like I said we are setting them up for failure. Keeping them in the system so Nancy can make more money. I can tell you the PO’s aren’t making that money for sure.

  20. Tina

    If you felt like that you had a responsibility to bring it up. If Nancy told you to shut up then you take it higher. It hurts your credibility that you didn’t say anything til you were no longer employed there.
    I am not saying you are lying just sounds like if your intent was to look out for the clients you would have spoke up while you were there, not go after the “Boss” after you are gone.

  21. Rick
    Not the case I did go to my supervisors regarding some of my cases. Sounds to me Rick you know more about me than some random person posting. “if Nancy told you to shut up then you take it higher” what??? I have run into many of my clients since quitting my job and I have been thanked for sticking up for myself and them. I have also been contacted by many ex employees and I don’t think one of them would “agree” with what you are saying. I can open a whole other can of worms on this sight but I don’t I have posted replies on the nature of the subject.

  22. Move on to another chapter of your troubled life Tina (aka, many other names posted). We are tired of hearing from you. You are a VERY vindictive individual. Quit whining and find a job. I bet your ex-employees are glad to be rid of you.

  23. Tina
    All I know about you is what I have gleaned from this site, your appearance on TV and what little I observed of your demeanor when I was at ACMPS.
    To answer your question or what I assume you meant as a question. Yes if you feel strongly enough about the wrong doing you definitely take it further. In my opinion you’re not taking your concerns to a higher authority shows that you were more concerned about yourself than you’re clients. Wanting or needing to keep your job is one thing but, IF some of these acts were as egregious as you seem to make them out to be your inaction could make you just as culpable as Nancy or the County
    I assume the can of worms comment was directed at me.

  24. I took my concerns to a higher authority Rick that’s the thing. Little do you know right. How much is Nancy paying you to post your post? As for being on the News let me tell you something Mr. Know it All THEY contacted ME….So did several attorneys and ex employees, the minute I walked out my phone was a ringing. Now I believe you were the one that posted a while back ago to stick with the subject at hand…right? Then do it, I dare you. LOL

  25. Rick, looks like you’re pretty wrapped up with Tina. Is what she is saying false? Seems like you are quite the trouble maker here.

  26. I am never surprised at people’s reaction to things anymore. A while back I made a post on the Guardian defending the Probation Officers that I had personal knowledge and dealings with at ACMPS. I am referring to the May 24th article “Ada Probation Agency Comes Under Scrutiny”. While, I strongly still believe that the Probation Officer I dealt with was fair and made a difference, I also saw what the Probation Officers are subjected to there. Once again I will state beyond a doubt, even though there is always bad apples in every basket, the Probation Officer I dealt with did make a difference and made every attempt to get me moving forward with my life.
    I now regret implying that a probationer was being enabled by his parents. in that article I know now that this system makes it difficult for someone to succeed.

  27. Tina out come your true colors, thanks for proving my point.

    I will say again for god knows how many times… I do not work for Nancy…. She does not pay me to post… no one pays me to post what I post is my opinion and mine alone. The I dare you comment seems to be an attempt by you to intimidate… is that how you dealt with clients that did not toe the line? As far as staying on point, I think I am on point and that point is exactly this. You say you brought up when you worked there that people were being mistreated. Who did you bring it up too? What was the response? If it was negative, IE Nancy telling you to shut up I think is how you phrased it, did you take your concerns to the next level? If you did not it tells me that you were not that concerned about it. Now that you are not employed by ACMPS it seems that these same wrongs are so egregious that you have almost become a crusader for the right of the probationer.
    If I was an outsider looking in I would want to know the answer to two simple questions…

    1. Why do you now feel that these things are worthy of all this publicity now, when they were not worth fighting for so vehemently when you were an employee and had the capability to positively affect people’s lives?

    2. Why are you no longer employed with ACMPS, not the specifics but, did you quit or were you let go?

    The fact that you let it go while you were there only to bring it back up after your employment ended tends to make some think that this may just a vindictive employee with an ax to grind?

  28. RU Kidding

    As far as the trouble maker comment goes, if anyone has a dissenting opinion they are seen as a trouble maker and someone on here will try to shout others down when their opinion. My intent of these comments was not to say that she is right or wrong, my concern is her timing. It seems to me as I have tried in vain to get across is simply this IF Tina truly gave a crap about the people who were being affected she would have screamed from the hill tops while she was still in the system instead of waiting till she is outside it. As I have said before it just makes her look like she’s just being vindictive

  29. I know times are tough and we all need a job, but I would never work for an establishment where I’d find myself questioning my moral integrity. All I know is Tina (for the time that I had her) was helpful to the extent that she was allowed. I genuinely felt she was there to help me out and therefore was able to be totally honest and open. I’m sad not to have her as a PO anymore. The person I meet with (the whole five minutes) now shows no concern (other than keeping the job), doesn’t ask many questions, says “doing good” and show me the money! I’m usually waiting 15 minutes or longer every time for those five minutes that cost me $50…and now $75!! Add me to the law suit please!!!!

    EDITOR NOTE–John, you have the honor of the “last word.” We created the forum for open discussion, but others are using it for personal chat that does little to inform and educate, so this thread is now closed.

  30. well, call me John #2, Tina was my PO and as much as I didn’t like the “system” I felt that she was always honest and treated me fairly. I don’t know all the details of this issue but I will trust Tina is saying what she believes is true. In fact I will call a mutual friend tomorrow in hopes of taking her to lunch or sending a gift as a thank you for saving my life. My mom is doing fine Tina
    : )

  31. Tina was the PO I was talking about as well. She has made a difference and a positive impact in my life! Thank you

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