Another Example Of Change To Fit Desire

Take two on the redistricting mess. Republican House Speaker Lawerence Denney wanted to fire his appointee to Idaho’s redistricting commission, former GOP state Rep. Dolores Crow, because party members don’t think she protected their interests.

Translation: the lady wasn’t partisan enough.

Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, the state’s chief election officer sought advice from the Attorney General. Looks like Denney will have to CHANGE THE LAW to suit his personal bias, but that’s nothing new for an Idaho legislator. The AG opinion said there is no mechanism in the reapportionment law to dismiss members–they have to resign or apparently die to “create a vacancy.”

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  1. Laws are only for progressives. Republicans don’t need no stinkin laws.

  2. Glad to hear that the LAW protects reapportionment commissioners from frivolous actions based purely on partisan politics. Denney’s threat to fire Commissioner Crow no matter her stand on the redistricting plan smacked of “jury tampering.” The Idaho Supreme Court and the Secretary of State called for a reconvening of THIS commission. Let’s hope our legislators leave THIS LAW alone. Perhaps Sen. Shirley McKague, R-Meridian, can add an amendment to her proposed anti-bully law that protects us and her fellow legislators from the “bully pulpit!” Good luck to the redistricting commissioners for a speedy and constitionally acceptable plan that allows for a May primary.


  3. The republican house is getting upset over an AG opinion in the first week of the new session. Think they’ll push the idea of getting their own attorneys again this year?

    The didn’t like the AG’s office opinions on nullification, the abortion bill and the anti labor bill last year. Otter saved them on the nullification issue by vetoing the bill but they lost a costly legal battle to the unions and are spending money to defend the abortion bill which looks likely to fail also.

    Looks like the GOP leadership is going back down this time and instead of firing their representatives, just go back to bullying and intimidation.

  4. NEWSFLASH: Lawerence Denney and Norm Semanko, GOP head honchos and chief bullies, have just announced that they have replaced two redistricting commissioners DESPITE an official Attorney-General’s Opinion that there is no legal or constitutional mechanism for such action!OK, Idaho Supreme Court your turn…???

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