Supremes Refuse Republican Speaker Case

In a terse four sentence decision, the Idaho Supreme Court Wednesday dismissed a law suit filed by Idaho House Speaker Lawrence Denney and Republican party chair Norm Semanko over their attempt to fire members of the redistricting commission.

Chief Justice Roger Burdick signed the order which said, in a nutshell, the parties seeking relief failed to show a right to that relief.

We really like to see “instant justice” dispensed in a timely and logical manner like that.

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  1. I can see the Mona Lisa smile on Delores Crowe’s face as I write this.

    What’s wrong with Denny and Semanko, do they want to smother anything they don’ like or approve of? The Repub’s dominate the legislature what are they out to prove here. They probably would eat their young if given the opportunity.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Jan 26, 2012, 12:08 pm

    The timeliness and dispatch with which this was handled is most heartening. I realize that there were not weighty or obscure legal principals involved here, but think that the Justices should be congratulated in any event, for not holding up a time-sensitive ruling and further frustrating the redistricting process.
    And, BTW Guardian, thank you, once again for “being on this”.

  3. It’s the Taliban Repubs vs the Idaho Repubs. The radical rightwing says my way or hit the highway. They have no use for anything but ideological pure rightwing thought. They are the ones who call Idaho Republicans RINO’s.

    Much like many people of the Muslim faith, the moderates are afraid and unwilling to stand up to the radicals out of fear of retribution.

    Delores Crow might have a Mona Lisa smile now but she, like her fellow Republicans nursed the young Tea Party pups like Denny and Semanko on the hind teat of the Repub party to be exactly what they are, attack dogs. Republicans deserve the aftermath of the vicious little pit bulls they whelped.

  4. To Paul — Since I first began following politics in Idaho in the mid-60s my observation has been that Republicans – especially those considered to be of the less moderate variety – have never had an aversion to eating their young.

    If he were still with us today, you could ask former governor Bob Smylie how that works.

  5. The state GOP was under control when Phil Batt took control of it, including his term as Governor. There was always an underlying tension, but it stayed under control via vigilance of certain party leaders at that time. When Dirk became Governor, it fell apart rapidly. He was weak, and he alienated everyone. It was not just the wacky fringe that disliked him, but also more moderate factions. His ego, his people, and his style ruined the unity the party enjoyed under Phil Batt. It will take a very strong person, and perhaps some losses in elections, to get it back. Alas, even in the worst of times, this is a very conservative state, and often people in Boise don’t understand that what is news or the vibe here is simply not on the radar in the more rural areas of the state.

  6. Thank you Judge Burdick. a Tea Party judge would have let this circus drag on. Semanko and Denney will be patted on the back and welcomed back into the tent just like McGee and Hart.

    Was at a legislative reception a few days ago and it was disgusting to see all the legislators and lobbyists drooling over McGee. He’s a walking love fest.

    Hey, they’re just kids folks! Nice little show of Republican badassness for the public.
    Smiley got thrown under the bus back when by some of the RINOS today. This new breed of Republican is gonna reload and keep going. Don’t they own this state anyway?

  7. what is/are RINOS?
    EDITOR NOTE–“Republican In Name Only”

  8. ahh… colour me stupid….

  9. Dog, Taliban Repubs? Really? How repulsive of you to say that.

    While Denney and Semanko are totally off base on this (and other things), I haven’t seen them blow anyone up, blow buildings up, cut off girls’ noses, whip women for not covering completely in public, disallowing education of western ideals, killing apostates, killing anyone who is not nutjob islamic, destroying hospitals that treat women, strapping explosives to children, strapping explosives to mentally retarded people, blowing up 1000 year old Buddhas, killing women who are raped, honor killing women, or most importantly, keeping people like you from spewing ridiculous statements, to name a few of the atrocities the REAL Taliban commit each and every day.

    It’s a good thing you live in Idaho dog, because if you DID live in a country where the Taliban DID prevail or even dwell, you’d have long been a dead thing in the road.

    You need to apologize.

  10. Sorry for you Nan, But I did live in Taliban country, Punjab Pakistan/India and Afghanistan . I know more than you will ever know in your lifetime about what caused the Taliban and how George Bush and Co. and our Saudi friends funded and armed them to fight the Soviets and post Soviet, to kill the opium trade.
    Do you really think our government cares about what happens to civilians when our “interests” for profits always come first? When you hear the State Department talk about our “interests” and “regional stability”, what it means is protecting our ability to extract
    corporate profits and sell weapons.

  11. kinda cynical dog

  12. Dear dog. Funny how you completely elided your comment on Taliban in Idaho and allowed your hatred of Bush to ooze out.

    You’re mixing Idaho with the US. Domestic with foreign. Sanity with Insanity.

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