Dynamis Rate Opposed by IPUC Staff

The Idaho Public Utilities Commission staff Friday came out against an agreement between Idaho Power and the Dynamis “trash to power” project at the Ada County landfill.

There was strong written opposition to the plan before the IPUC, including a document filed by attorney Jon Steele. Much of the opposition was based upon the contemplated rate Idaho Power proposed to pay for the electricity generated.

Dynamis has already received $2 million from Ada County, but based on lack of financing and other questions surrounding the deal, it looks like it faces a huge battle before it becomes a reality.

The staff report cites older methodology, higher interest rates, prices higher than needed, and even the NEED for the generating capacity at the current time.

Here is a link to the STAFF REPORT.

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  1. chicago sam
    Feb 3, 2012, 9:19 am

    Go to IPUC website click on Electric cases click on open electric cases scroll down to IPC-E-11-25 click on staff comments for 2-02-12

  2. In an earlier Guardian story Dynamis Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Mahaffey told The Associated Press financing for his novel 22-megawatt, $60 million plant hinges on the power purchase agreement’s approval.

    I wonder if he gets to keep the 2 million that Ada County Comisioners Tillman, Ullman and Yzaguirra gave him.

  3. Here’s the link. It is difficult to decipher but see page 12 for staff recommendation..

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