Tibbs Goes After Sharon Ullman’s Empty Seat

With Presidential Repubs stopping by Boise, looking for cash and delegates, it will probably be next week before anyone takes note that former Boise City Councilor, Drug Czar, Police Chief Jim Tibbs will be running for Ada County Commish, but you read it on the GUARDIAN first.

Tibbs has filed the necessary campaign contribution paper work and will no doubt make a formal announcement next week when the presidential flutter is over. He is currently running unopposed in the countywide primary to represent the district formerly held by Ullman.

Redistricting put Ullman and Commish Vern Bisterfeldt in the same district, but Bisterfeldt has remained mum on his intentions to seek reelection. Filing deadline is March 9.

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  1. Actually what would be really good is if someone OTHER THAN Jim and Sharon would run….We are tired of the same old recycled politicos!!

  2. Great, another drug czar!

  3. So where did you find this out? Somewhere public I assume. Embarrassing that you scooped local paper + TV…

  4. I like Vern but it really is time for the next generation to have a voice and Sharon has done a decent job. I would hate to see a public battle between these two.

  5. To Paul: Your comments typically appear to be well researched. In response to this comment: “Sharon has done a decent job,” are you really sure of that? Many people believe as you must because Sharon is very charismatic and great at “acting the part” she wants people to believe. However, are you aware of the $2 million of taxpayer money that Sharon (Rick and Fred) gave to Dynamis? I am told she personally hand-delivered some of those checks after bulldozing through the accounting process—while she was advised by many that the documentation wasn’t in order. She told taxpayers many times the money would be returned to county coffers within 6 months—that was almost 2 years ago and most “in the know” believe it will never be returned to the county. This whole deal was concocted in direct violation of the open meeting law, while Sharon being a former Max Dalton Open Government Award winner, is well aware of. She has used her “open government” position to sell herself in her campaigns. Research shows the only meeting that was held publicly about this scheme was the 20-minute meeting where the contract was signed. Why would the commissioners be willing to give away $2 million without discussing it prior and openly with the public?

    Additionally, few are aware of the fund the county uses to settle claims out of sight from the public eye. This keeps the county’s dirty laundry away from the public. Numerous county employees have been slandered and attacked publicly and personally in various written and verbal forums. It might be enlightening to find out how many of those claims tie to her directly.

    The relationships between Ada County and the local municipalities has become nonsensical turf wars that cost taxpayers millions because Ada County plays the bully—acting in their “turf interest.”

    I believe Sharon’s reason for wanting to be in Vern’s district has nothing to do with the good of the people and equalizing the districts as she is charged to do by law. Her vote to adjust the district is so that she will be running for a 4-year term as opposed to the 2-year term she was up for. She posted the idea of running against Vern on her Facebook page scoffing at the law stating “can you say conflict of interest?” several months ago.

    You appear to be willing to check facts and I encourage you to do so in this case prior to voting for this career politician who is slowly destroying the county piece by piece, while serving herself and being paid a hefty taxpayer-funded salary to do so.

  6. You hit that one on the nail, the county needs one less Sharon.

  7. Oh dear, Paul M. The career politician is Vern. Here’s a guy, who really needs to go away, who was so ill at one time that they named a building after him. Then he runs for the Boise City Council, twice I think or maybe 3 times, and then runs, without finishing his term there, for the County Commission. Vern has been on the public teat for his whole life. Yes, yes, he was a policeman with a great pension – big deal, he still was paid by the public.

    Paul M, you sound like this is personal.

    Don’t forget that the County won the lawsuit with Boise over court fees, and your good ol boy Vern got another career pol, Rick Yzaguirre to say, never mind. So Boise, who is the one jurisdiction that ALWAYS raises property taxes no matter what the economy, gets to take more money out of everyone else’s pockets and not pay the share of the courts like they were supposed to.

  8. To Nan emouse – my comments had nothing to do with Vern and yes, they are personal. I pay taxes and I do not believe that Sharon is working in the best interest of taxpayers by wasting taxpayer money on personal motivations for self gain. I am encouraging voters to please check the facts and then decide how to vote. Voters get what they deserve because they frequently vote based on name recognition (regardless of what’s it’s for), popularity or the candidate that sounds the best without researching further. Some politicians are politicians because they are great actors but the facts can reveal a very different picture. I am entitled to my opinion and I have shared it. I respect the fact that you may feel differently as you are entitled to your opinion too. You might spend some time talking to county employees and others first to find out what’s going on outside the public eye and inside the confines of the courthouse impacting the lives of the folks that actually know. Doing so might give you a different perspective.
    In reference to the lawsuit between Boise City and Ada County over court fees. It seems you feel as though Vern and Rick did something unwise by reaching a compromise with Boise City. Does it really make more sense to you to have two government agencies paying attorneys on both sides with taxpayer dollars to continue fighting a battle for years to come when the bottom line is, it’s all taxpayer money? As stated, you are entitled to your opinion. I want my elected officials to look out for my best interest and if that means reaching a compromise to stop taxpayer bleeding, then they are doing what I expect them to do.

  9. Geez Paul M. I guess I’m just a simple gal. You win in court, you win in court. You don’t win in court and then cave. You don’t win in court and then have all your legal fees in essence wasted.

    Perhaps you should inform the public from where your personal animus derives – in the interest of openness and all. Perhaps an unhappy county employee or former county employee?

  10. nan emouse sounds just like Sharon! Go figure, she loves to slam her collegues when they don’t agree with her. In fact she loves to slam most everyone and will slant the truth on many issues. Ada County needs three commissioners that get along, can agree to disagree, make good decisions and not bully people. Sharon does not have a good reputation to work in harmony with others who do not agree with her , she seems to thrive on conflict. I too would like to know where our taxpayers money is on the dynamis scheme.

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