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Public Record Award Entries

Nominations are now being accepted for the 2012 Max Dalton Open
Government Award sponsored by the Idaho Newspaper Foundation.
The 2012 award will be the 14th annual award given to each year since
1999 to a citizen or group judged to be an outspoken advocate of
openness in either public records or public meetings on the state or
local level.

Nominations should be submitted by March 16 by sending a letter of
nomination to Go to
for more information and profiles of previous recipients.

The letter should provide a general description of the nominee’s
dedication to open government and cite specific examples of the
nominee’s use of the Idaho Open Meeting Law or the Idaho Public
Records Law to advance the public interest.

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  1. How do I nominate the city employee who listens to the mayor’s hotline calls and distills ’em into a “tweet”? hahaha!

    Or, can I nominate the entire Idaho GOP? Those Republicans do EVERYTHING up-front and out in the open!! (/sarcasm)

    EDITOR NOTE–The open records law has actually become a shield for officials to hide behind. Officials delay, threaten high prices for searches, and offer to let you listen to the hotline on a phone in the lobby of the mayor’s office.

  2. “no such documents or records exist” if you think we are shining you on you can file an expensive civil lawsuit.

    or, “we have determined your request will take “x” amount of time and we charge $XX.00/hour to research your request. please advise us on how you intend to pay for this records search and make payment in advance”.

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