Statehouse Like Animal House, But Dumber

In what can only be described as “typical Idaho Legislative behavior,” we take note of the recent actions of the Idaho Legislature regarding humane treatment of animals.

Under pressure from humane society advocates, a bill making animal cruelty a felony for repeat offenders is sailing through the lawmaking process. As it stands, it looks like it takes a third offense to make it a felony.

But, just so you don’t get the idea these learned lawmakers are sissy boys who have forgotten their Western Heritage, they have also introduced another bill that would allow cattle and sheep ranchers
to use LIVE BAIT to attract wolves so they can shoot them dead. They can also use night vision goggles, airplanes, and parachutes.

Here is how Jeff Siddoway, a sheep ranching legislator explained things at a recent committee meeting where he introduced the bill.

Using his wife’s dog, “Sophie,” as an example, (no self respecting rancher would own a dog named Sophie) Siddoway said he would tie the pup on a 20-30 foot chain and then set up nearby with a rifle in a blind.

Using a recording of howling wolves he said, “You try to get Sophie to chime in with the wolves. If they come down, you just start shooting.”

Under the provisions of the law ranchers can also use the Easter Bunny, Bambi, pet kittens, and fuzzy lambs as bait. The bill doesn’t specify what type of “live bait” can be used, but there are some who might suggest legislators qualify–especially if they are on a 20 foot chain.

You can read the bills for yourself:

WEDNESDAY February 29 Update–

Rep. Siddoway pulled his bill Tuesday, sparing Sophie any trauma or humiliation, according to the Daily Paper’s ROCKY BARKER.

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  1. Will we now see proposed legislation that allows the legal use of underage children to lure sex offenders? Siddoway’s proposal is just another example of the “crap” (word seems to fit here) kinds of bills we’ve seen introduced this pathetic session. Legislators: please go home before you cause any more damage than you already have so far this session and the previous one. Methinks Sophie needs a new home and the Statehouse needs new “lawmakers.”

    Thank you.

    KTA, a disgusted voter

  2. boisetaxpayer
    Feb 28, 2012, 1:20 pm

    People like Jeff Siddoway make me sick with his unethical, self serving, disguisting ideology that disrespects the wildlife and public land that is the property of the all Idahoans.
    I would like to have a bill proposed that prohibits any grazing rights on public lands without exception. Any privately owned sheep or cattle caught on public land could be shot immediately and confiscated.
    The wolf hunting season seems to be working well enough to help control wolf population.
    Siddoway – leave the wolves alone. If you want to shoot one, buy a tag to do so. Keep your livestock on your own land and you won’t have so many issues with predators. Please take Sophie to the local Humane Society so she may be cared for and hopefully go to a good home one fine day.

  3. Rod in SE Boise
    Feb 28, 2012, 1:40 pm

    Did I hear correctly that some wingnut introduced a bill to require someone to get a vaginal ultrasound before getting an abortion? Now that’s cruelty to people. Those people need to take their religion back to the 12th century with them.

    Rod, a disgusted voter

  4. Statehouse Like Animal House, But Dumber

    That may be… but I bet it’s not as fun now that McGee isn’t there mashing beer cans on his forehead!

    boisetaxpayer – as a citizen who likes to eat food that used to “moooo” (and occasionally food that used to “baaaaa”), I support the notion of grazing on public lands. But checks/balances are totally appropriate… that IS taxpayer land.

    Rod – IMO you seem to be straying off-topic. Unless the topic is Legislature-bashing in general, or you believe that the untrasound procedure should be prohibited in the animal cruelty legislation.

  5. This bill is beyond repugnant. There is a program to reimburse ranchers for livestock and unless there is something screwy with the parameters of reimbursement why would anyone put poor Sophie out as wolf bait. As big and fast as a wolf can be the dog would be dead in an instant if a pack went after the dog.

  6. Siddoway used to be on the Fish & Game Commission and seems to have a hatred for the department. It sounds to me like he put up that ludicrous bill to try and take a stab at the agency, rather than out of any interest in solutions. (Shocking behavior for an Idaho politician, I know. /sarcasm)

  7. grumpy ole guy
    Feb 29, 2012, 10:34 pm

    ohmigosh, you mean those hard-working, time-pressed ranchers and sheep herders will not have to spend time building blinds, arguing with their wives about which dog to tie, and spend hours sitting around waiting for their pets to howl on cue? Wonder when they’ll get any of that other hard work done. Oh, oh, maybe they can lease out the blind to the other heroic types who have more time and like to shoot animals without engaging in sportsmanship.

  8. (INAPPROPRIATE COMMENT DELETED) This is so typical of the sick mentality in federally subsidized Idaho farm and ranch community.

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