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Navy Contract Reads Like Dream Ski Vacation

If you are swishing the Warm Springs run at Sun Valley and find a guy following you with machine gun and a bumper sticking reading, “WE GOT OSAMA,” you just might be in the middle of a training exercise.

We feel a bit like the Wikkileaks guy in England, but since the information is already on the internet and appears to be a legitimate U.S. Gov posting, we have decided to share what is either a dream vacation, a recruiting film production, or an attempt to boost the economy of a lucky ski resort–like SUN VALLEY.

The Idaho ski resort is no stranger to the Navy, having provided hospital-type care facilities during WWII.

“Ski passes, helicopters, guides, snowmobiles, lodging above 5,000 feet elevation, and back country guides” are all included included in what appears to be a Navy Seal “education and training” bid specification.

Check out THE LINK.

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  1. Six days of training and all that equipment? I am not sure what to make of all this. I did read in one of the news magazines this past week, the Special Ops arms of the military get $10 Billion a year out of the budget. And this does not look like it will be fun and games if it is a special ops training deal.

  2. I agree with Paul, I’m sure there is not going to be a ton of fun going on. At least they get to use snowmobiles though, pretty cool training.

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