Elk And Deer Herds Gather In Garden Valley, Spring Is Coming

The GUARDIAN and Mrs. GUARDIAN made the annual jaunt to Garden Valley in search of big game concentrations and we weren’t disappointed. Spring is just around the corner.

Deer and elk seem to be everywhere and with the increase in human critters, it won’t be long before folks are tired of their shrubs being chomped by the deer and fences tromped by the elk. The elk look like herds of cattle grazing in the pastures.

Not many antlers in evidence and as long as you stay in your car and don’t crowd them, they don’t seem spooky or stressed. A car actually provides a great blind for shooting–pictures that is. Both of these were made using a 200 mm lens from an open car window.

Photo tip: turn off the engine after you get off the road and flip on your four way flashers. Then balance the lens on the door frame or window and demand the passengers HOLD STILL! With today’s modern digital cameras, you will probably be proud of the results.

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  1. There was a nice herd of elk sunning on a ridge on the road up to Bogus last Wednesday.

  2. this is an awesome picture.

  3. Looks like they were right behind the new school there. Funny. The track kids will probably have to practice in the midst of elk droppings.

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