Busiest Intersection In Idaho Is Eagle & Fairview

Afa County Highway District has released its 2011 traffic counts, placing several intersections in a tight competition for busiest in the county–and in most cases probably the state.

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  1. Growthophobe
    Mar 15, 2012, 5:38 pm

    But did you notice that six of these had traffic drops in the last three years. Progress!

  2. Five of the top 12 are on Eagle Road. To me, that’s amazing because 15 years ago, Eagle was a rural little 2-lane road that got busy during rush hour but mostly had tractors on it any other time of day.

  3. Eagle being the busiest is not amazing at all when you consider it’s the only road that intersects the freeway and crosses the river. Now what would be amazing is if Eagle wasn’t the busiest road. Our great central planner brain surgeons who “plan” with tax dollars seem never to get it through their thick skulls. Let’s see, let’s have a road that accesses the freeway and then continues north and crosses the river, now lets allow all kinds of access to local commercial and residential development from it, I mean left turn lanes everywhere, and driveway cuts galore. Now we have the busiest intersections in idaho on it. No sh&%.

  4. Ola – Broadway and Vista/Capitol also do both of those things.

  5. Yes, Idawawa, you’re right. But it’s Emmett and Star commuters that want to get on the freeway as soon as they can, and their only options are Eagle or they can snake their way up Star Road to Ten Mile. State Street is WAY too slow and busy, so I-84 is the fastest. They’re not going to drive all the way to Capitol or Broadway – they’d already be in Boise by then!

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