A New Month Brings Hope For Future

This morning we awakened to all sorts of good news.

First it was Team Dave announcing they have abandoned plans for not only a downtown baseball park, but they also promised to not use any public money to further the desire named Streetcar (also known as the Trolley Folly).

Next thing we heard was the legislature realized how much impact they put on cities with the Land Board going into business against those who actually pay taxes. Plans are afoot to discontinue owning tax exempt businesses that would otherwise be private and pay taxes.

The new Urban Renewal director said it was simply wrong on too many fronts to continue to divert tax money to the agency at the expense of schools, cities, counties, and the highway district. He also noted citizens need a voice in long term debt issues.

With the tourist season upon us, we were thrilled to learn the Boise Depot was actually going to be open to visitors on a daily basis with tours to the bell tower to view the city.

Boise officials actually started talking to taxpayers and the media instead of hiding behind costly public records requests and claims of “personnel matter.” The new transparency is expected to cut down on costly records requests and lead to better understanding of all parties.

Then we realized today is APRIL FOOLS day. It doesn’t hurt to be positive, but sometimes it makes you feel like a fool.

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  1. April Fools!
    The Republican controlled Legislators just gave the top rich and cooperations a 17% tax dedution.

  2. Dear Al,
    In regards to you and Jessie Jackson creating/feeding hate in our society

    You and Jessie Jackson are insulting to God’s people, Rev. my ass!!! I’m thankful I won’t be in your hypocritical shoes on judgment day. You two are the raciest that start the fires that feed the hate. Grow up, get off the pity pot. Stop trying to live off your ancestors. Go and spend the rest of your miserable life alone, letting people, God’s people, all races, to live in harmony without your’s and Jessie Jackson’s bigot behaviors.

    I sent this to Al Sharpton with this question.
    If a Caucasian, Hispanic or Asian…were under that hoodie, would you care??? Raise an issue of the injustice???

  3. chicago sam
    Apr 2, 2012, 7:16 am

    In an early press release Dynamis has announced that their new 66 million dollar incinerator will not have a smokestack and all smoke from the burning of plastic bottles and 16,000 lbs of tires burned daily will be piped to the legislature where it will add new meaning to the words blowing smoke. Confirmation is expected at the hearing for the public @ 776 Riverside Drive on Wednesday at 1:30pm. Is this false information –come and see

  4. @Jeff: Wrong post, however the problem is the same as that which the editor is writing about. The puzzlement is why so many people think pointing out the lies of a liar will make them change? If you point at a fire and call it a fire, it will not go out. One must take action beyond words to extinguish such issues. Our society is overrun by liars in leadership because the masses are too polite, fearful, or apathetic to stop them. And I don’t want to miss my favorite TV show. 😉

  5. Clearly the Euros have it all figured out. We should just do what they are doing and build trains to everywhere, make our doctors work for less, have a waiting line for everything, and over-tax, fee, charge. It will lead to an ideal European style that we all dream about.

    Or, we can just have term limits and a cap on the number of law licenses.

  6. If that were all true, the BG might ceast to exist. That would be like CCDC calling it quits. Ain’t ever going to happen.

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