Thoughts From The Road

The day job has the GUARDIAN on the road making photographs and observing the “American Condition.” We share some random observations.

–The new bridge across the Coloorado River below Hoover Dam is a great time saver if you are headed south of Las Vegas, but you can’t see it (or the dam) as you drive across. Thee is a parking lot and pedestrian access on the north end of the bridge.

–Arizona entrepreneurs have figured a way to sign up residents to buy solar panels for their rooftops. The the deals amount to obligations to purchase, but are to be repaid with the money earned by selling power back to the electric company that is forced to purchase the power. The real money is in the “Renewalable Energy Credits”–a mini version of the windmills lumped into thousands of invididual homeowners.

–Old semi-trailers are used along the freeways as billboards. Either to skirt a billboard law or just because they can be moved easily.
–Trucks outnumber cars by at least two to one on I-10 from Phoenix to El Paso, Texas.

–From El Paso to San Antonio you really have to WANT a speeding ticket…the speed limit is 80 mph. Some of the trucks actually go that fast, but the 585 miles stilll go slow, even at 80!

–Amazed at the number of people who choose not to watch news or read papers. A friend in boise gave up news for Lent and liked it so much he has adopted the practive permanently.

–Motorhome culture in Arizona provides lots of jobs. The big ones are everywhere–even with gas at $4 per gallon.

–Border Patrol seems to be everywhere. The inspection station at Sierra Blanca, Texas permanently blocks I-10 just like at a border crossing. Dogs sniff vehicles and the armed agents check everyone passing through…both reassuring and disconcerting.

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  1. And you like that your rights against a warrantless siezure is forfitted when you aren’t not the target of an investigation or actually crossing a border?

    Or is the Sierra Blanca DHS checkpoint the only official one after entering the USA?

    Remember, do nothing, and eventually you will have no actual civil rights, having ceded them all to the Federal Government no matter what the Constitution says you should not be subject to.

    EDITOR NOTE–The reassuring part is they are out there looking for illegals. The disconcerting part you outline.

  2. I checked out the checkpoint. There is a border checkpoint in El Paso, so I don’t think it is the first for any entry to the U.S. Jason is correct in his assessment of the state of our civil rights. Also, DUI checkpoints have been ruled legal in the U.S. (although some states have outlawed–not Idaho). Exactly the same situation.

    EDITOR NOTE–The checkpoint is on I-10 and NOT a border crossing.

  3. I’m thinking “From the Road” slide show presentation or coffeetable book upon your return. In the meantime, Happy Jack Kerouac-ing and Charles Kuralt-ing!


  4. “–Amazed at the number of people who choose not to watch news or read papers. A friend in Boise gave up news for Lent and liked it so much he has adopted the practive permanently.”

    Because it’s not “news” anymore. It’s a bunch of pinko commie lovers trying to persuade the spending of even more debt money on stupid $hit we don’t need. Like a loner bike program or a new baseball stadium. Or how about we expand the school system so we can have even more over educated unemployed people. Or is it because it is not in Spanish?

    PS: I-10 truck traffic: Are the trucks full and comming from Mexico?

    EDITOR NOTE–Cargo and home ports unknown.

  5. Jason Robinson
    Apr 20, 2012, 11:59 am

    NO amount of looking for illegals is worth an innocent citizen’s temporary arrest and the seizure of their vehicle for a warrantless search with out probable cause or an ongoing investigation where the driver or vehicle are suspects.

  6. G-Man, don’t forget to wear clean underwear for all those border checkpoints!

  7. Given Obama’s new stance on illegal immigration, can you confirm for me the new border checkpoints have kiosks with information on the nearest local hospital to have a free baby, free bus passes, and pamphlets on food stamps, local ACLU chapter, unemployment office and other social services?

  8. @JJ: They get all that info from the Catholic Church. They are the largest importer of illegals. Catholic Church is also the largest hospital owner/controller in the nation; where said illegals get the county paid free care. (no joke, wish it was)

    However, the government recently indicated more are leaving than arriving, I don’t believe it but wouldn’t that be cool! Perhaps this explains my local priest asking if I want to donate after 15 years of not participating.

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