West Neighborhood Hosts Candidate Forum

The West Boise Neighborhood Association is hosting a candidate forum–which will be more of a “meet and greet,” but still a good effort on their part. Date is Wednesday May 2nd at 7:00 PM at Library! Cole and Ustick

Here is what they say about the event:

We are inviting candidates from contested primaries in Legislative District 16 and the Ada County Commission. Each candidate will be given 5-10 minutes to explain to the audience why he/she is running, what his/her platform is and any other information they wish to share. While this is not a debate and no questions will be asked during the presentations, there will be time afterwards for you to mingle with the candidates.

Simply, the West Bench Neighborhood Association wishes to introduce you to the candidates in order for you to make an informed voting decision. Here are the Candidates who have RSVP’d:

Candidates for House of representatives

Candidates for County Commissioner

  • Jim Tibbs (Republican Commissioner Candidate District 1)
  • Brad Rowen (Republican Commissioner Candidate District 1)
  • Steve Halvorson (Republican Commissioner Candidate District 1)
  • Sharon Ullman (Republican Commissioner District 1 incumbent)
  • David Case (Republican Commissioner Candidate District 3)

For newsies in TV land and the legacy media: they wanted us to post it so you might run the notice and even come to cover the candidates in one easy gathering.

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