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City Councilor And Mayor Create “Conflict Of Interest”

Ever since TJ Thomson got elected he has kept a low profile with regard to his city council position–until now.

The GUARDIAN has learned the quiet councilor will be featured in a local version of “Dancing With The Stars” Saturday at the Boise Centre on The Grove, but one of the judges is Mayor Dave Bieter. We know politics makes strange bedfellows, but having a judge who needs to suck up to a councilor for funding pet projects seems “irregular” at best–and probably a conflict.

Since it is a fund raiser for MUSCULAR DYSTROPHY, we can give them a pass on the obvious conflict. The legacy media needs to investigate who his dance partner is.

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  1. Heh. Just be happy it ain’t the mayor doing the dancing. But I hear he does a kick ass Sorgin Dantza.

  2. The legacy media needs to care about a fundraiser dance competition that involves some city government members?
    Hardly. Unless of course they are skimming proceeds from the fundraiser I don’t care if the city counsel member rigged the competition by dancing with a banana as a partner and is being judged by a panel of monkeys.

    EDITOR NOTE–Sounds like you already saw the event! (Psst! Jason, this is a joke) See, the GUARDIAN can find something sneaky in anything the local politicos do–even charity fundraisers. ENJOY!)

  3. I would have attended if the local stars were Bujak, Larry Craig and John McGee

  4. JJ Now that would be a show

  5. JJ-
    that would be interesting, wonder if that could turn into a 21 century version of being put in the stockades? force those who are corrupted and evil to dance like fools in the town square…

  6. JJ: I would have attended if the local stars were Bujak, Larry Craig and John McGee

    You’re kidding, right? There would be NO COMPETITION! Wide-stance toe-tapper Larry would dance circles around those other yahoos! (Larry’s got rhythm – who could ask for anything more?)

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