Ullman Ousted, Case In Line For Appointment

Ada Commish Sharon Ullman self destructed in the primary election, paving the the way for Gov. Butch Otter to appoint Dave Case to fill the remaining six months of the seat vacated by Vern Bisterfeldt. Case garnered 11,471 votes to Ullman’s 9833 for a 54-46% victory.

The Ada County Republican Central Committee meets Thursday to select three names they will provide to the Guv as possible appointees to fill the position vacated by Vern Bisterfeldt who resigned May 4 for health reasons. The GUARDIAN generally doesn’t endorse candidates, but since Case will likely take office in January as the Repub winner in the November general election, it makes sense to give him–and the citizens–a six month head start, especially with budget matters in the works. No sense in warming the commish seat with someone who will leave soon.

Ullman’s troubles focused around the controversial Dynamis trash-energy project at the county landfill. At a candidate forum just a week prior to the primary election, Ullman showed up, but refused to participate–to the bewilderment of the audience.

The county rushed through a $2 million payment to Dynamis under the guise of acquiring federal stimulus funds. However, the Dynamis facility is to be privately owned and operated. The county would provide it with free fuel (trash) and Dynamis would retain all earnings from sale of electricity. Ullman repeatedly defended the deal and even boasted of working with the county attorney to formulate the contract. She claimed the $2 million was for the design plans to the private facility and would be repaid to the county prior to construction. Idaho’s constitution bans public loans to private organizations.

Case opposed the project, its lack of transparency, and the speed with which it was going forward–despite red flags regarding Dynamis and its financing. He was supported by folks living close to the landfill with three days of full page ads in the Statesman prior to the election.

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  1. I was undecided on the ada commish until a few weeks ago when Sharon refused to respond to Mr. Case’ arguments in the Gaurdian, her refusal to participate in the public discussions on dynamis even though she supported the deal, even brokered the deal. She would only make comments through her self-controlled blog. Her lack of ownership and unwillingness to publicly defend the virtues of her decisions speak to an enormous lack of leadership.

  2. I cannot understand how Sharon could have allowed herself to self implode so completely and so quickly. It almost seems that there was a concerted effort on her part. Her decisions regarding issues such as Dynamis, the land speculation deal, and putting the Sheriff’s Dept. in charge of probation not to mention her showing up at a forum and then refusing to participate IMHO show a lack of cognizant thinking.

    I hope that Mr. Case, if he is, as it seems he will be, appointed takes another look at some of these issues and does what he can to reverse the debacle that Sharon rammed down the throats of the other commissioners and the tax payers of Ada County.

  3. Jonathan Dough
    May 16, 2012, 10:33 am

    All you need to know about Dave CAse is available at then look up sunshine reports. This man is working for special interest groups. You’ll see.

  4. Jonathan Dough
    May 16, 2012, 10:35 am

    And another thing. You’re full of crap Frazier. You have endorsed, backed, and essentially campaigned for Case since he illegally entered the race.

    EDITOR NOTE: Wow! The record will show Case resigned his state job because the GUARDIAN brought the law regarding state employees engaging in partisan races to his attention. Ullman refused all offers to comment or respond to Case, despite saying she would offer a response (she sent written e-mails to that effect).

  5. Oh Sharon, does that mean you are going to sue to have the results over turned? Was that your campaign strategy all along? That is one possible explanation for her campaign, or lack thereof.

  6. Bye Bye Sharon
    May 16, 2012, 11:48 am

    Sharon does whatever she feels like doing. Says its for her constituants. Doesn’t care really how it affect people. Her boyfriend just happened to be an engineer familiar with the Garbage project. Probably had a high paying job lined up already.

  7. Hopefully the governor gets someone good in there (Vern’s spot) soon. Maybe she will correct some of her mistakes during the 7 months she has left in office.

  8. Sharon is the only person I have unfriended on Facebook. I have worked in the real estate business in this valley for many years and it seems to me that there are more crooks popping up every day.

    And I agree with Poet Paul.

  9. Dean Gunderson
    May 16, 2012, 2:58 pm

    I’m not inclined to give an individual, who has already declared an intent to run for a specific office, the advantage of an incumbency. The argument concerning a leg-up on budgetary issues belies a lack of faith (or belief) in the democratic process. No one should be “gifted” a campaign advantage; which will provide no advantage to the taxpayer. All the folks who are running for an open seat should remove themselves from consideration for a temporary appointment — to do otherwise belies a fundamental disrespect of the citizenry.

    EDITOR NOTE–Good point and well stated. This case (no pun intended) is unusual due to the redistricting and the fact the appointee would have to live within the existing (old) Bisterfeldt district. I believe Case qualifies on that count and given the political realities, he will likely win in November. That said, we must acknowledge Thomas Howell will be the Demo opponent who ran unopposed in the primary. Another reality, it is the Repub party providing the names to a Repub Guv.

  10. Aron Shullman
    May 16, 2012, 4:40 pm

    I say good bye and good riddance to Sharon Ullman.She got what she deserved for disgracing the citizens of Ada County all over the news stations last winter.Maybe now things can get done. Dynamis deal should be looked into as an alternative, greener energy. Only as long as it is viable as a less expensive form of energy, that benefits the taxpayers.Self sustaining departments such as the landfill and fair/expo, are still publicly owned. I read an article by Sharon, stating that since the landfill was a self sustaining department, it never used tax dollars. Truth is, in essence, any profit made by the county belongs to the constituents. Adios Sharon, maybe you can try the Governors race again.

  11. Something to consider: Former Ada Commish Fred Tilman lost his bid for House Seat 22B. If he still lives in Commissioner District 3, he might be a possible temporary pick for Commish Bisterfeldt’s vacant seat, unless there are legalities preventing him from assuming a seat he already held and lost or he is not interested.

  12. Fred Tilman is the one that started the whole Dynamis disaster. I for one don’t want anyone involved in this scam sitting on the commission.

  13. current employee
    May 16, 2012, 7:56 pm

    The governor’s race was another one of her sick egotistical stunts. She just gets appointed as a commissioner and is immediately out rallying for governor. Evidently a commish role was not enough power and control for her. The fact she even thinks she is qualified is sad. What comes around goes around, it just took longer with more damage by her to get there. Let’s now look forward to a better Ada County with new leadership.

  14. Brian Vermillion
    May 16, 2012, 9:35 pm

    There must be some link between Ullman and dynamis. Maybe the details will become available now as the deal is probably headed for collapse.

  15. Thomas M Howell
    May 17, 2012, 7:19 pm

    As the Democrat opposing Mr. Case, I can let you know that I will be giving him a good race to November no matter whether he is appointed or not. Appointing him to Commissioner Bisterfeldt’s seat, you have to admit, would possibly be a brilliant political move. It would also put an opposing voice to the Dynamis project on the commission now versus after the November election. That being said there will also be plenty of opportunity for Mr. Case to provide my campaign with much more to run against as well.

    EDITOR NOTE–we hope to have the three names in the next few hours. Also, Howell makes a good point. While the Repubs may have hijacked the primary, the general election is still a race to be considered.

  16. Having Case appointed and serve with SU for 6 months would be pretty fun to watch.

  17. Follow up to Where is the Attorney General
    May 18, 2012, 10:59 am

    To Brian Vermillion: To be clear, the Dynamis fiasco was started by Fred Tilman. The first meetings were with Tilman. He then brought Rick Yzaguirre into the mix and eventually Sharon Ullman. Sharon undertook the laboring oar after Tilman left office. I think all of them have some strange tie to Dynamis and Lloyd Mahaffey that motivated their backroom shenanigans.

  18. Rick
    May 16, 2012, said:

    “I cannot understand how Sharon could have allowed herself to self implode so completely and so quickly.”

    Why? This self-imploding act has become a regular spectacle in this state! Doesn’t take long to come up with a list………….

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