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Shameless Panhandling For GUARDIAN

Mr. Guardian:
I have once again renewed my annual voluntary subscription (donation) to the Boise Guardian. I appreciate your efforts, while I do not have the time to do much research for you, I can support your efforts through my contribution and encourage others to do the same. Please readers of the Guardian support the great thing we call BG not only through your comments but also through a donation, doing so shows  the BG our true commitment to supporting holding government accountable and supporting those who step out on a limb on our behalf. Thank you…JJ

For those so inclined, push the green DONATE button on our PayPal account. The GUARDIAN is NOT a tax deductible organization. We don’t run any advertising and the donations help defray costs for things like parking, mileage, copies, website fees, public records requests, etc. We offer a “thanks” to JJ for his unsolicited endorsement.

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