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Eagle Peddles Greenbelt Plans Again

Looks like Eagle politicos are ramping up their Greenbelt access attempts with the neighbors to the east in Garden City.

The GUARDIAN obtained a copy of a LETTER from the mayor and council of Eagle to the mayor and council of Garden City seeking a summit conference. Garden City refused prior efforts to discuss the Garden City closure citing a court case. That case has been dismissed for lack of standing–not because Garden City was right.

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  1. Isn’t there a new unpaved section on the south side from the end of pavement west of Glenwood all the way to Eagle Road? I rode about half way 2 weeks ago and had to turn around due to time constraints. I encountered a hiker who said there was still a gate blocking the way to Eagle Road. This was in the area adjacent to the water treatment facility.

    What’s the status of the planned footbridge in the area of the head of Eagle Island?

    Until the State of Idaho forces the consolidation of Garden City and Boise then the paved path through Riverside Village will never happen. With paving the new south bank extension and a footbridge to get people to the north channel Merrill Park footbridge, cyclists will have a decent option.

  2. boisecynic asks if there’s a pathway on the south side, all the way to Eagle.

    The answer is NO.

    I, too, misunderstood about the new “3.2” path, which was debuted during the recent Boise Bike Week. And I checked it out a few days ago; it goes farther west than before, but peters out in the middle of nowhere.

    More info and photos HERE.

    Far as I know, the status of the footbridge is the same as always – holding at “pie in the sky.” (Gosh! Am I a boisecynic, too?)

    The Citizens for an Open Greenbelt is working toward getting the issue on the November ballot (for Garden City residents only, of course, even though the rest of the Greenbelt is seen as a resource for all valley citizens and visitors). In the meantime, my hat is off to the Eagle mucky-mucks for working on behalf of their citizens. I wish the Boise mucky-mucks would amp it up a bit, on behalf of us lowly Boise pathway goers.

  3. just don’t try connecting the greenbelt from River Run to Wood Duck in SE Boise. The eco system is too fragile for bikes, but a 5-lane highway for $30M over the river is OK. Also cyclists are an undesirable element we don’t want near our private economic reserve. Raise your pinkie finger if you agree!

  4. What’s the big deal, I avoid Garden City whenever possible anyway. However, this does seem like apposing divorce lawyers picking a fight in effort to run up the tab.

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