Facebook Page Shocking To Dynamis, Politicos

A new Facebook page called STOP DYNAMIS has emerged and its Photoshop altered title picture is beyond reality. In fact, it may be the new wave of political editorial cartoons. Technology is interesting.

The GUARDIAN has doubted the viability, voracity, finances of the trash to energy project proposed at the county dump, but this image does little to help the cause of those opposed to the plan. Then again, we presume the same group paid for the three days of full page ads in the Daily paper prior to the primary election that took out Commish Sharon Ullman.

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  1. Indeed. And a gander at the Sunshine reports indicates some fraud on the part of those running the ads. They weren’t filed in a timely manner. And if the “loan” is ever paid back by those truly behind the ads, do you think it will be reported? And do you think the clerk/elections officer will actually do his job by referring this fraud and disregard of the sunshine reporting requirements to the prosecuting attorney?

    Now that might be a story worth pursuing.

  2. The Dynamis issue should not be and is not now a political issue. It is a real environmental/economic issue to all of Treasure Valley. These pointed ads were pre-election with goals of changing election day votes. They undermine the goal of exposing Dynamis as the fraud it is. From this point forward, please take the politics out. Don’t focus on the past politicians even as they or their actions may eventually be part of a bigger investigation. Focus on the current issues under our control.

  3. Wow that’s a big cloud of smoke; it bothers me almost as much as the lack of information/answers which thankfully led to the DEQ saying “wait”. It is almost as disappointing as the commissioners who spent $2M of my money on uncertainty.

  4. Burning tires may be ok but not in this valley. Our air quality is pretty poor at various times of year. Burning tires simply seems insulting to citizens with heart and lung issues.

  5. Follow the money, straight to Hidden Springs nimby(s).

    In related news, I haven’t seen one shred of evidence of fraud. And if there is fraud where is the attorney general? Yeah, just as I thought, there is no fraud.

    The only giant cloud over Boise from this is the cloud of hyperbole and hypocrisy.

  6. chicago sam
    Jun 1, 2012, 9:36 am

    I am at a loss to understand what issues we should focus on in the Dynamis debacle that are under our control that do not in volve the political establishment. Way back when Gov. Otter promoted Dynamis plans in Clark County. Lewtenant Gov. Dave Little is on record as saying this is a good thing. Mahaffey has involved Raul Labrador by contibuting to his campaign. Mckinstry out of Seattle with the backing of Obama have a lot of funds looking for projects and did the study at Nampa which you still cannot get a copy of. The IPUC, an appointed body OK’d the above market rates Dynamis will receive for electricity produced— Our elected representatives are making these decisions. We have no choice but to go after them if we think they are wrong and sometimes termination is the result–BOO HOO

  7. chicago sam
    Jun 1, 2012, 9:51 am

    Dynamis is an LLC but Dioxin is forever

  8. Paul: Burning tires simply seems insulting to citizens with heart and lung issues.

    Isn’t it likewise insulting on our “orange” days, when the authorities tell us to limit driving and nothing changes? The motorists all think, “Since those other people are limiting their driving, that means I don’t have to.” Business as usual.

    The notion of burning tires, and the graphic with the huge black cloud, brings back memories of when there were several landfills scattered around the valley, including one where Columbia Village now sits. Now and then the tires would catch fire, either deliberately or accidentally, and the huge black cloud would hover for days.

    I believe that in a “gasification” process, trash, including tires, is burned at such a high temperature that not much smoke is emitted. Dunno about CO2 and other by-products, I’m no Dynamis Scientist. (Dynamis hasn’t sold this citizen; it still looks like “Emperor’s New Clothes” to me.)

  9. Is it true that the tires were going to be trucked in because the local supply is not large enough?

  10. nan emouse / RevBlues: I don’t think the Commissioners want the PA to start “looking into” things because sooner or later the subject of open meeting laws would come up and he would have to conflict it out and I don’t think Ullman, Yzaguirre & Tilman want that.

    Chris – Everyone I know agrees with you. It seems Dynamis is just moving numbers around with the help of Sharon to try to buy time. Everything that Mahaffey gets involved with seems to fail at the cost of someone else. I just don’t understand what is in this for Sharon.

  11. Paul M, your hatred of all things Ada County, has clouded your intelligence. Tilman is long gone.

    And I don’t care what the commissioners want – I want an investigation of the PAC that filed improper Sunshine reports. If there is a law, it should be obeyed. If you don’t like the law, then get rid of it. These PACs are disgustingly opaque and should be disinfected by the light of day ergo – an investigation and prosecution if necessary.

  12. modern columbo
    Jun 1, 2012, 7:35 pm

    Zippo in answer to your question it is YES. Their system in theory needs to burn at least 4000 tires per day. That is 1,460,000 per year. The entire state of Idaho has 1,670,00 motor vehicles. It is estimated that vehicles generate on average one trash tire per year. So with numbers like that it looks like Ada county would be burning every tire in the state. Isn’t that something to be known for.

  13. Rod in Boise
    Jun 2, 2012, 4:51 pm

    Local governments hereabouts have long standing habits of doing things behind closed doors. Every meeting of county commissioners, mayor and city council members should be recorded and the transcripts published in the Statesman, even if it is two city council members passing in the hallway and saying “Howdy” to each other. Let the sunshine in.

  14. What we appear to know from the past is that several of our Republican leaders appear to be enthralled by someone(s) who is/are behind this. We have this crazy project (the Idaho Republican Party version of Solyndra) and Taramrack to evidence this dirty, messy relationship. I, for one, implore these Republicans to GET AWAY from this person or people. They are bad, bad news.

  15. I’m a voting Republican – this is why I implore you to move away from partisan politics. This issue is bigger than that. The biggest issues of our lives are not decided by the labels of “Republican” or “Democrat”, except may be here? In Boise? Man up. Take a values-based path, not a political path.

  16. I think we are just replacing one RINO with another


    That should tell you ALL you need to know about STOP Dynamis. They DO NOT welcome questions or comments from the public.(Perhaps they are afraid that the TRUTH will be revealed.) STOP Dynamis is a political propaganda effort not an environmental movement. They are using scare tactics and misinformation. (Just like the governments in the Muslim and Communist world.)They want us all to think that a waste to energy project will surely kill us. That is simply not true. Spend 10 minutes online and read about it. You’ll see.

  18. oh, and Frazier you claim to be open and non-biased. You have said that you DO NOT endorse candidates or causes. So why are you promoting this cause?

    EDITOR NOTE–We offer you the chance to respond here repeatedly. The mere posting of the Stop Dynamis group certainly doesn’t constitute an endorsement.

  19. Yes, actually, it does. You have stated to several of my friends that you “will not provide links” to blogs or pages because you “won’t distract the reader away from this blog”. Yet there it is, right up there ↑, a link to a Face Book page. Perhaps you would like to take a stab at explaining the sudden change in policy?

    EDITOR NOTE–Its my blog and I get to run it as I please. I make the decisions to approve links. If you want to start a blog I am sure your readers will appreciate your views, you can give them links to the GUARDIAN. I give you the voice to complain, but your comments might be better suited on the Sharon Ullman blog.

  20. nan emouse

    I don’t hate Ada County, I just don’t like the people who have been running it. I believe they were hiding things from the public. It seems they forgot they are supposed to work for us. Hopefully things will be better and the taxpayers will actually have a say in how money is spent.

    If a PAC filed improper reports they should be held accountable. Yes I know Fred Tilman is gone but if he broke the law he should be held accountable for what he did in office.

    If you want an investigation then exercise your rights and contact the AG’s office with any evidence you have.

  21. John Dough:

    This is just news gathering and reporting. It’s what all good Journalists do.

    KTA-Independent Journalist

  22. John Dough.. you have not constitutionally protected right to post on Facebook.. or on the real internet for that matter. As long as the government doesn’t interfere, you are out of luck. Further, DEQ apparently spent more than 10 minutes reading about the process and decided that they didn’t have enough detail to issue a permit.

  23. kjtreehugger
    Jun 9, 2012, 9:31 am

    Erico49: after looking at the permit application, I dont think DEQ needed more than 10 minutes to realize there wasnt adequate data to issue a permit. Im familiar with the air permitting process and the application is almost a joke – they are treating it as a big black box. There is almost no supporting data. It is as if Dynamis is saying “this is what will be emitted based on our expert opinion – just trust us.”

  24. Giving $2M to someone without checking to see if it will clear the DEQ would get me fired, at least, and probably also on the hook for the money. What did it get the commissioners?

    Vote carefully!

  25. The smoke is the end result of an EXPLOSION so close to MANY residential areas, not just Hidden Springs. And there have been EXPLOSIONS which do release TOXIC material.

    The real question is why this company has not been investigated? That’s what stinks! Great poster by the way.

  26. I hope this brings answers. Good letter.

  27. This is the correct site:

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