Canyon Mayors Quietly Seek Tax Hike

The mayors of Canyon County’s largest cities have been quietly pushing behind the scenes to raise the taxes of their constituents in the wake of declining property values, according to confidential GUARDIAN sources.

Caldwell Mayor Garret Nancolas and Tom Dale of Nampa have talked with the Canyon County Assessor about raising property tax assessments from an average of 97% of full market value to 107%. Idaho Code calls for all County Assessors to assess property at 100% of full market value, but the Tax Commission allows “wiggle room” of 10% plus or minus the actual value.

Currently taxing districts are up against the limit for tax levies as a percent of property value, hence the attempt to raise the values. The Canyon assessor’s staff are well within the limits set by the idaho tax commission.

Perhaps these politicos need a class in “Belt Tightening 101.” No word from either of the city councils about passing resolutions publicly asking the county to increase property assessments so they can increase tax revenue without increasing the levies.

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  1. It’s the fundamental flaw of property tax. Assessments and values go up and down with no relation to either the needs of the taxing entity or the ability of the taxpayer to pay.

  2. These mayor’s have no ethics or morals. Their taxpayer should begin a recall petition, now. And both call themselves republicans, when both are closet Obmama progressive liberal tax and spend.

  3. There is whole boatload of tea at the bottom of Boston harbor for this very reason.

  4. Brian Vermillion
    Jun 9, 2012, 5:11 am

    Tom Dale is trying too hard to create his utopia. I don’t think there is as much demand for a new library as he is trying to lead people into believing. He’s never seen a tax increase he didn’t like. We can only hope Steven Kren and Bob Henry will keep king Dale in check.

  5. Meridian?

    I get a kick out of people when they won’t accept a Republican doing wrong. Always trying to turn a bad republican into a bad Democrat comment. Wake up guy! This whole state is run by Republicans or is it somehow a Obama problem in your eyes.

  6. What amazes me is the depths these two will sink to get more money from taxpayers. They get away with it because there are no real sanctions for their bad behavior. On the other hand there are plenty of sanctions if the County Assessor does not do his job. The prescriptive sanctions involve the State Tax commission taking over, loss of sales tax sharing, and loss of funding for circut breaker property tax relief for the elderly. Canyon Commissioners stated goal to the Canyon Assessor is to be as close as possible to 100% of full market value and the reality is the Canyon tax rolls are at 97% of full market value.

    Tax assessments that are too high as suggested by Nancolas and Dale are a catalyst for all manner of appeals and can end up at the front door of the State Tax Commission. Nobody likes property taxes and the backlash from what was suggested by these two rascals suggestion to raise the average assessments needs to get a public airing and the first question: What were you two thinking?

  7. They have so many occupants with a culture poorness as a core value who don’t pay taxes + use up the free good/services (intended as a safety net for all) + are the cause of most of the police/fire/medical calls. So now the RINO mayors need those who are still above the table to foot the bill. I suggest those with any money left flee the county. Obama forbid they cut the budget and encourage the freeloaders to move to Cali and other freebee states.

  8. Rod in Boise
    Jun 9, 2012, 12:03 pm

    Local governments should have to put big ticket items up for a public vote. Things like libraries, tire burning generators, trains to nowhere, etc. But then again, the local voters hereabouts (those who seem to be stuck in the 1890’s) would probably even vote against having potholes filled.

  9. Robert? When you figure out these officials just put an “R” behind their name to get elected, you will understand they are true “D’s”.

  10. Left wing, Right wing, ain’t nothin but a chicken wing….
    this state is such a mess, such a complete debacle, it is almost humorous to sit back and watch this “Utah’s little brother” destroy itself.

  11. Rod has hit the nail on the head. I agree there are people who would vote no to fill potholes if given the opportunity. On the other end we have elected officials who will stop at nothing to spend more and more money on outlandish projects that should be given voter scrutiny. Add to the mix Urban Renewal Agencies all over the state masquerading as “state agencies” using local property taxes to fund everything from bonafide needs to outlandish junk that would never survive even the most liberal of voter oversight.

    On a personal note I can’t be against everything and try to distinguish genuine needs from silly and outlandish projects. The train to nowhere is a great example along with building a new baseball stadium in downtown boise for the Chicago Cubs farm team the Hawks.

    It would be ever so considerate of those who get stuck paying the bills for URA’s to have the right to vote on projects as well as board members. This will take a legislative fix and our State Legislature is not even willing to let this line of thinking out of committee. Meanwhile, the abuses and taxpayer frustration continue to fester.

  12. I personally had conversation with assessment personel who confirmed the request of these two mayors for the Assessor to modify/raise values to collect additional tax revenue. The two officials do not have the ethics or honestly to remain as a public servient.

  13. I would like to see the potholes get filled. As it is, I’m paying for pothole repair but they built a new city hall with the money

  14. according to the CC assessor’s office this was indeed asked for several months ago, but the mayors were turned down. The fact that they asked to have people taxed at a rate above market value is in my opinion reason enough to run Tom Dale out of town on a rail.

  15. Hi Rick, … Don’t forget the other singing mayor…Garret Nancolas was in on this as well and deserves equal treatment on that rail.

  16. Paul, that may be but I dont live in caldwell so I will leave it to his constituants to call for his removal.

  17. Interested Citizen
    Jul 17, 2012, 10:50 am

    Well, let us not make this any more complicated than it needs to be:

    Nampa, Caldwell, and Canyon County are broke.

    Further, that is why all of the law enforcement agencies, particularly the Nampa and Caldwell PDs, are so busy writing tickets for anything they possiblty can, including jaywalking, and fabricating charges against innocent citizens.

    Further, the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office has become a revenue center for the County, and is desperately charging and prosecuting anyone it possibly can in order to extract fines and other monies out of them.

    Let us all please call a spade a spade.

  18. Interested Citizen
    Jul 17, 2012, 1:26 pm

    And further, if you really believe that the prosecutors in the Canyon County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office are professionals, well think again.

    They are no more than shills and hucksters packing the water for Nampa and Caldwell’s mayors, and for the Canyon Commishes. Further, a handful at least of the prosecutors need to be brought promptly before the Idaho Bar Association Disciplinary Committee for improper and illegal prosecutions in violation of Federal and Idaho law, and in violation of ethical guidelines.

    And, it is primarily about generating monies for these insolvent entities, including the City of Nampa, the City of Caldwell, and Canyon County.

    Let us all please get a clue!!

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