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Former Politicos McGee And Craig Charged

It hasn’t been a good week for GOP lawmakers. Former Repub state Senator John McGee and U.S. Senator Larry Craig were the object of formal charges filed in separate court cases this week.

McGee, still on probation for his infamous D.U.I. in a stolen motorhome, has been hit with “disturbing the peace,” by the same prosecutor who went out of state to find an attorney to handle the D.U.I. matter last year. But this time, McGee was just a regular citizen. The complaint originated from a female state employee and it’s a safe bet she didn’t report him “disturbing the peace.” He also is charged with violating his unsupervised probation which required him to not get in further trouble. Both charges are misdemeanor criminal violations.

Craig, who became famous for tapping his foot during a sit down in the men’s room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport five years ago, was charged with federal election violations. The feds say he misused $217,000 in campaign funds for his legal defense. Craig’s latest case is a civil matter.

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  1. are you insinuating this is a harrassment case?

  2. State Sen. John McGee was a sitting senator at the time of the alleged misconduct, which according to media reports occurred on Feb. 7 in his legislative office at the Statehouse. He resigned on Feb. 22, during the 2012 Legislative session in order to avoid a formal Senate ethics probe. Initial reports called the alleged incident an assertion by a female Senate staffer of “sexual harassment.” What will be interesting now is whether McGee will claim some sort of legislative immunity, a delayed reaction to his supposed “concussion,” or try to use campaign funds for his defense, ala former Idaho Sen. Larry Craig as noted above.


  3. I am pefectly willing to believe this is the appropriate charge for McGee, but I await the resolution of the charge, so that a public records request can reveal all of the factual allegations made by the victim and any witnesses.

    As for Craig, what a moron!

  4. Grumpy ole guy
    Jun 12, 2012, 6:45 pm

    I suppose that there can be an element of glee in a “how the mighty have fallen” view of the world; but, it is sad that folks like McGee seem to be held to a different standard. NOT to say that I think the bum deserves any special consideration or treatment. Craig?Well, what can one say about a two-faced self-delusional, hypocritical scum-bag that hasn’t already been said.
    Glad that neither is off the hook for their actions/decisions.

  5. “This has not been a good week for GOP lawmakers……?” So Mr G tell us what other type of lawmakers we have?

    EDITOR NOTE–Well done Porc! You win this round.

  6. OMG! What will Phil Hart think about all of this? I wonder if they will hire Curt McKinzie to represent them in court?

  7. As long as the don’t hire (name deleted) to represent them in court I think they will be just fine, being sentenced to six months means that in three months they can get out, and three months in jail is a vacation, a crappy vacation but still much better than what most citizens are forced to suffer for crimes that are much less. These two will be an example to the state that those who make the laws are not above the law,
    Speaking of which what of John Bujak and the DUI judge in Twin?

  8. Why the name deletion? That lawyer is a terrible one, and the community should be warned to his lack of moral standing

  9. Why do lawyers need moral standing? Lawyers are just hired guns working within a system of rules, not morals.

  10. so you think that a prosecuting attorney who is in control of what a person can be charged with or not charged with, does not need to be moral or have some degree of integrity? What about every single judge? Are they not just glorified lawyers who have been manipulating the system long enough to be placed in a position to destroy countless American live, are they not to be in good moral standing to be able to fully and completely look upon every single case without a biased personal opinion? In Idaho, there is no such thing as a good cop, an honest politician, or an honorable judge, and everyone who appeases these traitors to democracy and freedom is just as guilty of treason as they are.

  11. These two idiots don’t know right from left let alone right from WRONG! They owe the entire population of Idaho a personal apology for embarrassment on a national scale! Me? I’ll settle for both of them taking Rex Rammel’s example and move out of state.

  12. You did not say “prosecutor.” You did not say “judge.” You can’t speak in generalities and then change to specifics when someone questions you.

    Also, the sky is falling…

  13. Mik–that is a slippery slope. True lawyers are hired guns who are charged with getting the best deal posible for their client. While ethics and morals are not required so long as the rules are followed, we as a society expect some basic ethics in all profesionals. If all profesionals only lived by the rules or law of the land, and disregarded ethics and community morals where would we be? In this instance the client acts as the lawyers employer, consider the following:

    Your doctor is employed by the hospital, not you, should the doctor set aside his ethics and make decisions which are best for his employer, and not the pateint?

    Should your broker make investment decisions that are legal, but benefit his brokerage firm more than his client?

    Should your insurance agent sell you a policy that generates a higher commision for himself when there is a product that meets your needs better or the same for a lower cost?

    In short you are correct lawyers need not have ethics only follow the rules, however as a society we should demand a basic level of ethics from everyone. However what constitutes ethical behavior is too broad to codify, to some legal equals ethical, to others ethics rise much higher, possibly too high that their expectations of ethics is a mis-match from the general population.

  14. JJ – Well spoken/typed. How have the regulars not run you off this site?

  15. I bet the secret handshake will still get them out of the mess.

  16. @JJ, Your point is understood and highlights the basic problem at hand. Too many doctors, lawyers, agents, brokers, news outlets, and politicos, police, prosecutors, professors etc. (people in trusted professions) do not do what’s best for the client/public. That’s the headwind the nation is pushing against.

    And I ask, do the professional membership organizations help protect the bad eggs rather than eject them? It would seem professionals don’t convict their own unless it is unavoidable (John Edwards, Secret Service animal house behavior, bad cop shoots, political corruption, radicals in teaching, etc.)

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