Ullman Assassinates Case’s Character On Facebook

Defeated Ada Commish Sharon Ullman has now made it a clean sweep of fellow commishes she has publicly attacked.

With a Facebook entry she claimed: “On December 14, 1992, David Case and four other ISP officers assassinated a Payette County reserve deputy inside the Payette County Courthouse.” The DAILY PAPER posted the story today.

Several years ago she convinced the Idaho State Police to investigate fellow Commish Rick Yzaguirre’s business actions while he was mayor of Eagle. That issue was determined to be a civil matter at best and no charges or further actions were taken by the Prosecutor or Attorney General.

In the matter of David Case, she writes about an incident of 20 years ago in which then ISP Trooper Case assisted in the arrest of a Payette County Sheriff’s reserve deputy on rape charges. All records indicate Case never fired a shot, but the armed deputy was killed by other officers when he drew a weapon at the time of the arrest. A civil suit was settled during the trial.

Case beat Ullman in the primary election and has been appointed to fill the seat vacated by Vern Bisterfeldt. In January Ullman leaves and Case will officially takeover Ullman’s seat if he wins the general election bid against Dem Thomas M. Howell.

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  1. Karen Ragland
    Jun 28, 2012, 11:12 am

    Sharon where is the line to get paid off by Dynamis. My dear I checked out Dynamis on the internet as much as I could. Dynamis seems questionable at best. You seem to dredge up “trash” from years ago. I feel Dynamis has found a fool in you to bilk Ada County out of milliions of dollars.

  2. Grumpy ole guy
    Jun 28, 2012, 11:20 am

    And just how loose IS the canon called Ullman?

  3. Loose cannon??? Case was participated in this killing if a cop and Ruby Ridge. Who is the loose cannon?

  4. Sig- Implicating Dave Case with Ruby Ridge, please provide proof. I don’t see that in my research.

    This seeems an odd time for bringing up someone’s past at this juncture. She still is posting about this today on Facebook(during office hours).

    It will definitely be interesting as to what takes place tomorrow at the meeting with Dynamis.

    a Dynamis Doubter.

  5. Come on people, so what if Case was at the arrest of a CHILD MOLESTOR 20 years ago, and it went bad because the CHILD MOLESTOR chose to pull a gun on 5 cops, and paid with his life. Case was there doing his job. I’m sure a supervisor had the officers make a plan for this arrest and they did. Unfortunately, the suspect decided to go the other way, then go to prison for life. Sharon has nothing else to stand on but trying to dredge up long ago happenings.

  6. I can only wonder how many more Nut-job things will surface.

    “Can’t we all just get along”.

  7. Never drink before Facebooking!

  8. How low can she go? She will find a way. She craves attention.

  9. Exactly what I have come to expect from anyone suffering from any Univ. of Kali (Esp. UC BERKELY) indoctrination.

    What a travesty that we, the sheeple, ever allowed her into any position of authority here in Idaho where her defective thought processes could affect us so deeply.

    At least her days are numbered!

  10. This isn’t harrassment? Case needs a lawyer and not the county prosecutor. What is it with her? Try being nice and just tell the truth.

  11. No wonder she’s so sore about losing the election. On the web for personal use, facebook and who knows what else during work hours while collecting a large paycheck from taxpayer dollars? Didn’t somebody say this should be a part-time position? Waste in government and it always starts at the top. Do we really need all of those county departments? Can’t they consolidate with the cities/state? Bet a ton of money could be saved, surely more than the $2 million they dumped. (pun intended)

  12. Could you imagine what it would be like if presidential candidates behaved in the same fashion? Oh wait, they already do! American politics at it’s finest!

  13. Karen Ragland
    Jul 1, 2012, 6:55 pm

    Ruby Ridge is over but lest we never forget.
    Dyamis is NOW. From my research Ada County could pay a bundle, as in cash, for a pig in a polk (sack)) and that sack will be full of the tax money of the citizens of Ada County. I am tired of paying for the pet projects of politicians to promoste their legacies.

  14. Where did the $2M go?

  15. Karen is right on !! What will it take to wake up the voters in Ada county ?

  16. Did she finally loose it.. can she not face the fact that she lost the election….bye bye sharon… go back to cali..

  17. I love the word Sheeple DH used. so funny.

    Smooth Transition of Power is what sets america apart from many countries. We have done it for so long that our society wont allow for anything else.

    Loosing an election sucks. Dust yourself off, regroup and be rational about your reapproach.

    Your Friend L.W.

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