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Dynamis Deal Declared DOA in Wyoming

Once on the list of “projects underway, in the works, awaiting completion, etc.” a garbage to energy plant in Riverton, Wyoming has joined the list of failed projects for Dynamis–the outfit with a 30 year contract and $2 million in Ada tax money. Seems like any news about Dynamis and its principals is bad these […]

90% Of Priest Lake Cottage Leases Held By Non-Residents, 90% of Payette Sites Are Held By Idahoans

We got this note recently from a North Idaho reader following the Idaho Supreme Court decision which calls for open bidding on state owned cottage sites around North Idaho’s Priest Lake and Payette Lake near McCall. The Statesman and other media have reported frequently and rather sympathetically¬†about lease rates being raised to a level closer […]

Claim On A Rotten Deal Filed Against Ada

A tort claim of $30 million–legal action required prior to filing a suit against local government–has been filed against Ada County by the energy firm currently generating electricity at the landfill by capturing methane gas created from rotting garbage. Through a couple of subsidiaries, Fortistar Methane Group has a contract to operate the gas-to-energy facility […]

Boise Budget Woes Worsen, Mayor Seeks Extra $$ For Unions

If we understand what the BOISE WEEKLY’S George Prentice has written, it looks like there is a shortfall of several million dollars in the proposed City budget, but Team Dave is seeking some extra bucks for the coppers and firefighters. The GUARDIAN has expressed concerns about inequities of our civil servants. The union members are […]

State Denies Request, Keeps Settlement Secret

The State of Idaho has refused to honor a request from the Boise GUARDIAN for the settlement agreement between former Transportation Director Pam Lowe and the State of Idaho. Lowe was terminated and filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court. The case was settled out of court and both sides have declined to reveal how […]

Thoughts On Movie Mass Murder Mania

Early reports of the tragedy in Aurora point to a deranged madman entering a theater during a Batman movie and opening fire on the audience. No indication of foreign terrorist involvement. –Sadly, one of the risks–and benefits–of living in a free society is people have access to guns and you can’t make every theater, retail […]

ITD Covers Up Expenditure Of Public Funds In Secret Deal

The State of Idaho has spent public money in a secret settlement deal over the firing of former Transportation Director Pam Lowe. The GUARDIAN is less concerned about the settlement than with the secrecy surrounding the agreement. When public money is expended, government has an obligation to disclose the recipient and the amount spent. Anything […]

Bike Group Forces Garden City Election

The Committee for an Open Greenbelt (COG) filed petitions today containing more than 130 signatures from Garden City residents on two initiative petitions seeking to overturn the Bike Ban. According to the group, once the signatures are validated the City Council must call for a special election. The election will apparently allow the residents of […]

Drug Firms Swallow Bitter Pill Over Pricing

Idaho”s Attorney General continues his winning ways against drug companies with his latest settlement claiming overcharges through false price statements. It may be time for some of the drug firms to take a pain pill. Prescription drug manufacturers Watson Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Watson Pharma, Inc., agreed to pay $1,700,000 in a legal settlement resolving Idaho‚Äôs […]

Hoku On Trickle, Zonda Misses The Bus

The Pocatello Hoku plant that was set to make photovoltaic cells is in its death throes as the NASDAQ stock exchange has forced the firm to delist its stock which most recently has been listed for less than a dime. While it is sad to see any company go under, the GUARDIAN feels we don’t […]

Fire Season Is Not To Be Missed (Avoided?)

With wildfires burning all over the state it is hard to escape the effects. The Boise Valley is choked with smoke, retardant bombers thunder overhead, hotels are full of visiting firemen, and the sunsets are awesome. Outdoor activities are also being cut back as the DEQ issues warnings of poor air quality. Even a K.D. […]

AG Explains Ethical Conflict In Ada Probe

The office of Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden told the GUARDIAN Wednesday the “potential appearance of a conflict” prompted the staff to decline to investigate the Ada Commishes (see previous post). One of the major complaints was centered around possible violation of Idaho’s open meeting law. Deputy Idaho Attorney General Brian Kane is the lawyer […]

Ada Commishes To Be Investigated

In a press release issued at 3 p.m. today, Ada County Commishes reveal they expect to be subject of an investigation by Bannock County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Hiedeman regarding the controversial Dynamis trash-energy project. Here is the entire text of the release: “This week, Bannock County Prosecuting Attorney Mark Hiedeman is expected to announce he […]

Boise’s Bungled Property Deals Focus of CCDC Project

With most of the planning completed and the deals done, Boise’s urban renewal folks are about to extend their long arms to include another 200 acres or so that will not generate revenue for the city. The Daily Paper has a lengthy file on the latest urban renewal plot. Its about the 30th Street-Fairview area […]

Boise Brass Benefit While Workers Are Shined

The retirement of Boise Parks Director Jim Hall has prompted a “nationwide search” for a replacement with a promised salary of at least $100,000. But wait there’s more! It looks like Boise has taken a page from WallStreet when it comes to executive compensation. A city worker sent the following info regarding the job to […]

More On Supreme’s Cottage Lease Decision

A long history of protecting old Idaho families and ranchers from having to make competitive bids for state leases has been threatened by the recent Supreme Court decision over cottage leases on state land. The Idaho Land Board–comprised of statewide elected officers–administers state land through the Idaho Dept. of Lands as well as the endowment […]

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