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Mayor Hotline Lists “Anonymous” Request For Radio Appearance By Mayor Or Councilor

The GUARDIAN used to post the weekly summary of the “Mayor’s Hotline” calls as they provided great fodder for the blog.

City Councilors and department heads also got the same document which is a public record. A few years ago after we learned of Zamboni drivers going through the drive up line at Burger King and escapades of “strip hockey” at Ice World and a few other nuggets, the reduced the document to a meaningless note with no details and little information.

Our favorite from this week is a reputedly ANONYMOUS request:
ISSUE: Would like to bring the Mayor or City Council Member on morning radio show. We find it hard to believe someone called the hotline anonymously asking for an official guest to appear on an unknown station.

Here a couple other samples from this week’s Hotline:
–ISSUE: Concerned about the hours that the Chicago Connection in IceWorld is open. The back story on this one is running the previous pizza joint out of business at IceWorld because the hours were so short. Insider claimed the pizza joint was not allowed to be open during summer weekend.

–ISSUE: Would like to know the city’s plans for the sale of property. What property? Are they planning to dump some park land after complaints about neglected maintenance? Is there another cozy deal in the works for an out of state business?

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  1. I called into complain about the dead brown grass a few weeks ago. I found it interesting the pre-recorded intro said the calls would “be transcribed.” Which is odd because they tell the Guardian they no longer transcribe them. They’re either lying to Dave or lying to the public.

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