Ada Over Extends Its Power To Power Power

The DAILY PAPER‘s Cynthia Sewell has once again done a great job digging through the trash at Ada County, this time to come up with details surrounding the pending $30 million tort claim filed last month.


As the GUARDIAN reported on July 25, there just isn’t enough garbage to go around after county commishes cut deals for too much electricity production. The existing methane powered engines were set to be doubled, but their fuel source is in question with another agreement to divert trash to Dynamis’ proposed burner that would heat water to make steam and turn a turbine.

Sewell offers a lot more accurate detail than we are able to provide, so give it a read. Bottom line is the county has over extended its power to power power and now they want a back room deal to cancel part of the obligation. New commish Dave Case is balking.

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  1. chicago sam
    Aug 15, 2012, 9:11 am

    Mostly overlooked in the debate over Dynamis is the huge subsidy Dynamis hopes to collect from the federal govt. thru the 1603 program. 30% of project cost would be near 25 million which would feed my chickens for awhile. Not sure whether Fortistar qualifies or not but their energy sales to Idaho Power are at a much lower negotiated rate than Dynamis. The 1603 program has been popular with wind developers also, over 300 million in the last three years to projects in Idaho alone. The renewable energy fight isn’t really about green energy. It is about getting to the trough and lining the pockets of developers such as General Electric and Warren Buffet

  2. You forgot Dynamis.

  3. Hey now! If it’s “green” we don’t need to follow rules or respect what’s best for the community. “Green” means “good” “great” and “go-ahead” without question. It’s the best way to get the green voters too. Absolute crazy considering a primary fuel source is old tires trucked in from Portland, Seattle, and SaltLake.

    Good point CS: The free county money + the free fed money + the free trash & tires to burn + the protection from hazmat clean-up on the county owned land + the 3x normal power purchase rate from IPUC + a DEQ that will probably issue a perit based on a best guess of pollution.

  4. Trash burning is not “Green” and I doubt many envronmentalist support it. Only Dynamis and and some commentators and politicians call it “green”.

    Are there any reports about air quality in the Lad Canyon area by the cement plant. I understand they burn tires there for power and ship them in from all over.

    Dynamis might need another subsidy when they can’t get enough tires to burn or the price to ship them in goes way up.

    The Mafia was pushing trash burning projects in NY State 20 yrs ago on small towns with gullible county commissioners.

    Dynamis should have gone to Payette county. It would have sailed through and they could sell the power to the AEI nuclear plant to re-sell to ????

  5. How to make your power rates go way up: 1) Lots of regulations 2) More regulation 3) Additional regulations 4) Silly regulations 5) AlGore global carbon credits 6) sell our clean coal to China for cheap so they can crush our economy 8) Force closed eastern coal mines with dirty coal 9) Make public feel guilty for using energy 10) Prevent R&D to solve the problem long-term 11) Tell public how much you hate them for not living like a pigmy 12) Go to UN and get award for being a green president.

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