Dynamis “Hot Potato” Probe Lands At Boise PD

The “hot potato” investigation of the Ada Commishes and Dynamis which no one wants to handle has finally landed in the lap of the Boise Police.

The inquiry was begun when a CITIZENS GROUP wrote letters to the County, State, and Federal prosecutors demanding action

The GUARDIAN started getting tips during the past week saying the Bannock County prosecutor was having trouble getting the investigation underway into alleged open meeting violations by Ada Commishes over the handling of the proposed trash to energy project and contract with Dynamis Energy at the county landfill.

Ada Prosecutor Greg Bower has an obvious conflict since he represents the Commishes as legal council. The Attorney General staff didn’t want it because a deputy lived near the landfill and had DISCUSSED THE ISSUE with neighbors, so they tossed the hot potato over to Bannock County Prosecutor Mark Heideman.

GUARDIAN sources say Heideman attempted to enlist the aid of the Bannock Sheriff, but one of his staffer’s relatives had a relationship of some sort with Dynamis, so he flipped it back to Ada Sheriff Gary Raney. Raney of course is beholding to the Ada Commishes for his budget, so he got together with Boise PD where the hot potato finally landed.

We hear the investigation will look into the open meeting issue, but further details of what will be undertaken are still not clear. Heideman has told the GUARDIAN he will review the report from the Boise PD detective and offer his recommendations. While there is no time line, the Bannock Prosecutor estimated the investigation would be complete within a few months.

Our trusted sources say both the BPD detective and the Bannock Prosecutor are “straight shooters” and should be trusted to offer impartial facts and evaluations.

Our fear has been the hot potato will get mashed by limiting the probe to just the open meeting violation. With $2 million being loaned to Dynamis by Ada County and the deal being signed with no bids or public hearings, The GUARDIAN suggests an Idaho baker with sour cream, chives, and butter would be a more appropriate approach with a large order of fries on the side.

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  1. Hmmm, tell us more about why you think this will be minimized? I agree of the great potential for it, but would like to hear more of your reasons.

    BPD is also attached to ADA county through a close working relationships and overlap of nearly all functions of government.

    If the state can’t/won’t do it then it should go up to the feds. Years ago in the deep south the feds did a lot of investigations because the “Boss Hog” type locals were minimizing.

    I do wish there was records of all the whispered conversations in the halls these past several weeks. And just think of the energy behind this investigation if we had more than one political party? This seems to be a hand in the cookie jar sort of thing that is very common in one party systems. It would have gone without notice if it had been a lower profile project. Following that logic, look for all the other cases of questionable deal making.

    The public can be the best watchdog of all… just turn the TV off and pay attention to how your money is being wasted.

  2. This is getting ridiculous. Law enforcement officials and agencies have a duty to investigate allegations of misconduct. Just because one staffer has a conflict doesn’t mean someone else can’t be appointed to do the job. Tired of these people shirking their responsibilities. Makes you wonder how many “little people” are harmed because their case might involve “royalty” or someone knows someone somewhere or it’s too hot or there’s not enough funds or the stars are not properly aligned, etc. ad nauseum. It’s fairly easy to read the law and apply it appropriately. Send this to the judge who slapped former Sen. McGee with 88 days in jail for “disturbing the peace.”


  3. The investigation is not just about the open meeting violations. As you see in the complaint there are allegations of fraud where PE Arris’ name was used on the contract reportedly without his permission. There are many other items that are also aside from the complaint, things that have emerged since we submitted it months ago.

    Our understanding is that the current investigator should do a great job. There is a lot to dig through and in the end, I suspect, it will all look very ugly.

    Interesting how everyone seems to be conflicted out on this topic. Perhaps the Feds should take a look!

    This deal by Ullman, Yzaguirre (and Tillman) is a joke and should never have happened. Had due diligence been done it would have never passed stage 1.

    Stay tuned for some powerful news this week from our group.

  4. This begins and ends with Greg Bower. He is an elected official, the voters having chosen him to represent their interests in the legal realm. He constantly backs out of doing it whenever it involves anything that might remotely be controversial. His constitutional and statutory role as county prosecutor is being circumvented, by himself.

  5. How can they investigate with so many public officials getting DUI tickets and busting kids smoking pot. Now that’s real Boise crime.

  6. They are all probably hoping it will go away if it gets delayed enough. Everyone should call their elected officials and make as much noise as possible. Don’t let it get swept under the rug.

  7. Why limit the investigation? I would think it appropriate that all things “wrong” should be fair game for this investigation.

    The whole thing stinks and Ada taxpayers are $2 million in the hole on this deal.

    EDITOR NOTE–It looks now like “everything” will be investigated. Our concerns lie in the officials calling it the “open meeting case.” Also, it certainly doesn’t hurt to remind everyone the public wants a comprehensive investigation.

  8. How can Dynamis build something it does not own? Per their contract with the county, until the money is repaid the county owns the design and the plans. Their permit application with the county should be rejected immediately!

    EDITOR NOTE–The more important question is how can the county spend $2 million for plans to build something the county will not own? IT is a LOAN!

  9. The open meeting complaint is a running joke all over the nation because it is a very common and somewhat lame complaint. We should be very concerned if the political types around here want to make this look like nothing more than an open meeting problem because that indicates an attempt to save the people at the core of this issue. If it is a clean deal shouldn’t we have lots of cooperation and information? But we have bunkering instead.

    We need to know why the $2M and 30 year contract was so eagerly handed out plus the connections that were greasing the skids on this project. The initial attitude of the trash burning people was indifferent to the public… perhaps because someone in power told then the public don’t matter?

  10. The Dynamis project is really small potatoes when compared with other renewable energy projects. Over 300 million in federal funds has gone to wind developers in Idaho alone in the last three years thru the 1603 program. Politicians from Sen. Crapo on down thru the gov office and the Idaho Dept. of Commerce, and many members of the legislature have been in favor of these giveaways. Are they sound projects? We are finding many of them are not. The Dynamis project has finally caught the attention of people concerned with air quality or it would be half built by now. Easy money is the lure and many are at the trough. The mood of the public is changing but without going to the source–Washington–stopping Dynamis will be like clipping a fingernail. Important locally but the main body will not be hurt. Dave has done his part and others are stepping up but I am sure more support would be welcome.

  11. Also in today’s news (Aug. 28), Ada County said Dynamis had submitted a partial building permit on Aug. 17, but did not say if company had repaid the $2 million it owes the county before the project can be constructed.

    Questions from me: If the WTE plant is built, who will pay the yearly operational costs? What is the anticipated amount? Does the 2013 budget set Aug. 28 include anticipated operational costs? If the county is picking up the tab, why? Have all municipalities that share the landfill been given notice of all dealings with Dynamis? Do we know if sanitation fees will rise because of this project? (I’m referencing the Pinellas County, FL WTE plant, where sanitation fees rose nearly 50 percent the first year and operational costs are paid by the county.) On what date did Ada County sign a six-year agreement, I believe, with Dynamis for “tipping fees” that will go to Dynamis? When does Ada County anticipate receipt of $2 million from Dynamis? If I missed the answers to these questions in previous media reports, I apologize. Lots to digest from numerous media accounts.


    EDITOR NOTE–There have been so many versions of the contract, we have lost track. As far as we know Dynamis would take all the revenues from the electricity sales and then in the future even take the so-called “tipping fees.” There is little benefit for citizens as we see it. The county is now waffling on when the $2 million loan is to be repaid.

  12. Has the governor spoke on the dynamis issue? Do taxpayers contact him?

  13. Safe Idaho Citizens
    Aug 29, 2012, 7:41 am

    It was the governor who introduced Dynamis to then Commissioner Tillman. Do we really believe you will get an answer?

  14. Can the guardian come up with a suggestive game plan for everyone? Letters, e-,ails, phone calls and to who. Petitions.

    EDITOR NOTE–The citizens group Idahoans For a Safe Environment which reads this blog have a site doing what you seek.

  15. Safe Idaho Citizens
    Aug 31, 2012, 7:45 am

    Your spam filter caught us the last time I tried to post our web address. It is And we are the Idaho Citizens for a Safe Environment and a Transparent Government, Inc. Thank you to the Boise Guardian for always pursuing the truth. More people need to follow this news site.

  16. Nothing will happen because Idaho is a one party, crony corrupt capitalist state. I would expect 80% of the people writing on this blog will re-elect them. Idaho is becoming like China where the difference between communist/capitalist is a revolving door.

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